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Monday, June 08, 2009

7 June :D

woke up early in da morning
and went out for breakfast with family :)
heading to 101 mall to look for my ps3 games.
bt at last we didn't bought any games bt clothes :P

bout 2 plus went ahkln hrs for bbq! :DD
act we are going 2 bake a cake for ZiWei but ahkln bake alr.
so we just chit-chatting arnd & wait for the others.
omggg. ahkln's dog so damn dak yi!@
whn v wanna take pic of it, it will sit & posing thr ;D
after tht we go to ahkln's room
woooots! got many bears thrr nia xD
& he said tht his FANS give him d fuiyohhh.!
dont knw why lahh just feel darn high LOL
thn suddenly ahkln and edwin go & take primary skul's photo
omgggg! i saw my photo @@ ishhh!
i dont knw hw come he gt my pic wan rawrr!
gahhhh superb no imej lahh!
da pig WeiYan even take down da picha! ><
& they said i really changed alot lol

bout 5 plus we are going to the playground!
hiak hiak :D
bt thn they like dont want play d so we just go for a walk :)
lol saw many ShihTzu thr!
omg omg! so cutee lahhh wei! :DD
i want to hav a pet dog bt so sad tht my mom dont want =(
bout 7 plus we start bbq! :)
aaaw. so damn hot thr!
really so ps lahh bcz i dint really helping thr xD
lol ronkit so good lahh help us to roast chicken thr fuiyohh
he said his skill so pro omggg!
thn JiaJia and I went MaxValu to buy soft drinks.
I'm riding bicycle while JiaJia walk out thr :P
met LingLing thr :)
ishhh! tht time i just feel so kik & mm guan with his bicycle
when we back RonKit only told me tht I cycled with d head terbalik punyaa
after bbq go to ahkln's room & chatting thr againnn :D

bout 10 plus heading home! :)
and I slept at 4am lol
chatting with my fei zhuuuuu! <3
btw thanks lots to WeiYann
feels better after chatting with you :)

and lastly,


p/s ahkln's baking nt bad nia :)
& CHILL bud!

when you feel your heart's guarded
and you see the break started
when the clouds have all departed
you'll be right here with me

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