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Sunday, June 14, 2009


9 June

went One-U again with my dear, YeeKay & her sis, YeeSan. :)
to acc her sis shopping.
be4 that went to a restaurant to have our breakfast.
lol YeeKay & I keep laughing thr bcz of da decorations.
after bought d movie ticket, just walking arnd
went Honeymoon.
& three of us ordered a mango ice
inside gt many "ke dou de dan" niaa LOL!
omg dont knw why YeeKay & I just laughing thr non stop sia! ;X
& we keep playing da thingy for service wan.
bout 1 plus went up to cinema & watched Night at the Museum 2.
darn funny lahh lol!
after da movie, thn just keep shop arnd.
did many sia sui thgs :X
YeeKayyyy, sendiri tau lahh rawr!
bout 5 plus follow Kay went back home.
be4 that, her aunt went to a pet shop & buy crickets & birds.
Kay & her sis screamed like hell thr omggg :DD
heading home bout 6 plus :)

Happy B'Dayyy Soon Chyi! :D

10 June

just stay at hrs & on9
chat with Maooo & Kay da whole day :)
darn funny & high lahh :DD

Happy B'dayyy WII WANG
may your dreams come true =)

11 June

woke up early in da morning & went tuition =/
met YeeSan thr ;DD
after tuition went out for lunchh.
thn start doing my stuff.
bout 4 plus went Sg Wang & Low Yat Plaza to buy a new Ram :D
and thn just shop arnd & going to fetch my sis back frm work.
while at night going tuition againnn! :X
lol still da same just chatting arnd thr :)
Bear sent a software to SheyLin & tell her tht its vry useful for her.
what is it?


its a calender & you can set your menstrual period thr
and it will tell you if you want to give birth n get a boy should ~~ on which date
damnn yellow right?

and and and
tuition halfway,
suddenly WeiYan smsed me
& ask me to see da Pegawai's shirt LOL!
swt lahh ;X
ppl's shirt darn nicee d okayy?
celebrity's style fuiyohhh.! :DD

12 June

went tuition again in da morning.
suddenly JiaJia sms me & say tht vry miss me?
3 more days & I gonna meet my buds :)
so tak payah miss me lahhh ;PP
tdy da tuition end bout 1215 & our parents haven't come so we just lepak in da kedai buku lol
we talk alot of sampat thingys thr :D

gaahhh since I'm not going out tdy
so after back home just stay at hrs on9 & lepak arnd x)
sis coming back late tdy so not going sing k ler
*sobsss* =(
didn't do much thg today
practising guitar
and find some information bout da Interior Design :)
after form 5, i dhk im going to take this course? ;PP

while chatting,
ahkln show me his dp & say she's lenglui x)
but when I saw da pic
I feel that vry A? LOL ;PP
thn he show me a pic that girl wearing bikini pulak.
ishhh! ;X

13 June

got up superb early & went hospital x.x
for check up.
gaaahh can say that become more serious alr? ><
after that, went Sunway Pyramid :DD
didn't shop much bcz bout 3 plus gonna rush back for guitar class.
my practical & theory going higher grade ;PP
weeeee! freaking happy weh :D
but that ahkln dont trust me ishh!

done my sej proj in an hours ;PP
fast lehhh? ngekngek~~
but that bian tai ahkln keep kacau me & ask me see lenglui's pic RAWRR
i dhk he just too free? LOL
somemore go & find lengzai's pic @@
yeaaa, although they are gay but they darn sweet!
aaaww. better than others couple lots!
somemore lengzai plus cuteee ;PP
&&& thanks ahkln!
for helping me in proj & show me those lengzai pic :DD

14 June

its da last day of hols
and its Valentines day aka kiss day ;D
(soonchyi teach me wan ;P)

actually going sing k with sis today
but thn i decided to stay at hrs
and and and
guess what I did today?


hiak hiak~
eee! act just taking da book but watching movie thr ;P
did homework & proj today.

its time for tv ;P

i love you! <3


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