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Friday, June 26, 2009

Carnival. ;)

a superb late post. ;x
gonna blog smt bout last Sat, SMKB Carnival.
woke up early in da morning & went skul bout 6am.
reach thr evryone just sitting on d pentas
no one wearing full u thr
lol luckily i took off my full u in d car abuden really sia sui
bout 7am kumpul & gonna pick rubbish.
ofcz NOT me lahh rawrr! ;PP
we girls just check DC or walk arnd what
after assembly, thn we start our duty.
its our turn to sell balloons! ;DD
hiak hiak~
and i found out smt
walk with HuiAnn can sell more compare with Eunice ;P
bout 9am shift time thn we walk arnd & find food to eat :)
LOL they keep telling us which nice which not nice
& thn we went to ahkln's stall thr to see them play the game xD
is a game that you use the water bag & throw d pail to make d ppl fall down.
actually we wanna go 2 the school hall & see the talent show
but thn seems nt fun somemore need to pay rm2
so we continue our duty & walk arnd luu
and and
heard smt
"you can run but you can't hide
we will hunt you down
-elephant hunter"
this msg is KarYing's bro write to fei lynn wan xD
got many others also.
& one!
LeeRonKit to Hindu Priya <3
aaww. da msg is You're special to me ;DD
fuiyohhh but i dhk she dint hear it? rawrr!
hmm nth special else
met many friends today
& heading home bout 230pm :)

life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.
xoxo :)


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