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Friday, December 11, 2009

A date ♥

It's Friday, HOORAYYYYYY! :D
woke up superb early todayy
guess what,?
went to date with my boyfriend larhhh ;P

went MidValeyyyyyyy tdy! :DD
walking arnd and sudd thought of wanna watch moviee!
and we watched Zombielanddddd .__.
for me, not really nice but abit scary and funny LOL?
did alot of funny thgs thr x)
we even went to PetWonderland to see puppiesss! :DD
goshh husky and Shihtzu! ♥
me likeyyy ;PP
and he almost ss thr larhh :D
&&,! standing thr to see xmas performance :)
aaaw i cant wait for xmas partayyy guys :D
but so sad that he's not by my side ><
Edward Tan, my sweetest boyfriend ever had! :DD


p//s just a lil update since i'm lazy ;P


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