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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another days

16 Dec

gosh had been growing mushrooms at hrs for so many days
and finally, I'M OFFICIALLY FREE! :D
an outing day with my girl ;)

First and foremost,!
had our brunch at T.G.I Fridays :D
sounds so richhh right? ;x
credits to YeeKayyy she belanja me (:
and we watched Princess and the frogg! :DD
its freaking nice and funnyyy ;P both of us laugh out loud-ed :D
and and the ending superb qian da man :P HAHAHAHAH
i just hate d singing part feel annoyed ;x

after movie, we both just so thirsty, hungry and tired!
so we went Nippon Yataimura for tea time :)
one of the japanese restaurant!

rm1 for da whole jar XD

we just put these aside

pay rm10 to eat egg only LOL

next station,
WINDOW shoppingggg!
we both broke dah so just tried on shirt and pichhaa :D

my fav, Forever 21 :D
bt i guess its too mature? ;x

me me :D


Charms Cafeee!
actually we just need a place to rest .__.

with da swingg!

heading home about 8pm
gosh its so dark and raining outside >< and girl, we failed our SuperSaver plan :PP and night,
again :DD
Edward Cullen! ♥

simply love this scene :D

17 Dec,

its todayyy! ;)
i guess i need more outing to cure my emo-ness :(
or any choc or ice creamm?
omg what the hell with me? ;O
I've been so emo since da early morning ;x
and and,
SORRY if I'm being so rude to you all
well i dhk its time for me to play under the rain? :D

no i wont stop doing that
and you forced me to do so.


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