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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Two One

20 Dec,

night, campfire with ZiXuan :D
kinda paiseh and boring thr ;x

21 Dec,

Pavilion, with JingWen :DD
to see Jay Chou LOL!
been thr for almost whole day :)

tdy's outfit (:

it just 4 plus bt evryone waiting thr alr ;x

Pavilion' xmas deco '09!

and and
camwhore in toilet :P

cameras evrywhr ;x

ppl keep going up and down to see Jay & Chiling x)

nearer spot

WINDOW shoppingg! :D

taken by a pro camera man
he even adjust and zoom in & out woots!
bt so bad that my cam isnt a dslr ;x

spot those ppl taking pics?
they sitting and let d guard halau :P


22 Dec,

The Curve, with MOM :D
cause i just want to see da x'mas deco thr ;x
and and,
SNOWFLAKESSS! ♥ me likey.!

super cacat here ;x gosh!


simply love this pic :P

they looks so enjoy whn snowinggg! :D

The Street.

i need a new sweater! :(

Ikano' xmas deco :)
wishh you a bubbly christmas! ♥ ♥

gosh, x'mas feel evrywhr :D
and it just around the corner!
i can't wait for x'mas partaaayyyy!

babe babe ♥

another week, 28 ♥


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