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Thursday, December 10, 2009


i miss my school, SMKB
i miss my class, 3s '09
i miss my classmates, da 43 study kia!
i've been two years together with them :)
gossiping, outing, went school earlier copy Maths homework :D
lepak around, had our brunch,
get scolded together, skipped school, ponteng class
&& even kena salin nama in buku kawalan ;PP
wooots! da most naughty class right? :D

Malam kebudayaan '08

fat right? compared with nw XD

Pulau Pangkor '08

with Xuan and Bang

one-day-trip :D
RonKit wearing 'hakchiuuu'!

and me with 'hakchiuuu' :P

ZiXuan' hrs

ZiWei's hrs

scout duty :D miss that time!

ZhuZaiGang :D 3 years friendship

cny @ OU '09

Genting, April ♥♥
stayed up late until 5am only go to bed :)
& played many games that i even nt dare to try be4 :D

da sweet boyfriend :P

@ Jusco to see Raymond Lam :P


3s '09 FOREVER :D

farewell @ DPC

KLCC trip :)

1st time ponteng school :P

last day of school, 12 Nov
with WaiKien :DD!

RedBox @ Curve
with my girls :D

looking forward for more and more outing
and staying back after school

Dec, da last month of 2009!
i'm gonna miss it <3>


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