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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My gang since Form One

30 Dec,

A day with my another bunch of girls :D
sing k @ Neway from 1130 until 230
and we had our lunch thr too ;)
at first, KaiPin and me just sitting thr & listening songs
but at last we sing until dont wanna go back HAHHAHA!
and we'd alr no voice whn singing New Divide by Linkin Park
especially KarYing she even screaming thr lol x)

let's start with da yongsui pics first ;P

her voice super diff whn singing!

after sing k,
we went down thr & play bowling! :D
i guess i nvr touch it for a years ;x
well, da pro-est, of course MEEEE again! ;PP

we kinda enjoy for da 1st round
but after that getting bored alr
& guess what we did?
now, we aiming LONGKANG! ;PP
hahaha & we super enjoyed! :D

& evryone had to pose whn they turn arnd LOL!

spot da J?
its me for da 2nd round!
da worst results in my fifteen years HAHAH
cause keep aiming longkang ;x
and then just walking around until her mom come & fetch us! ;D

super tired for da day & body aching ;x
opss shud say BUTT aching? LMAO!

and now,
new year's eve! ;)


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