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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The First Week

its been a week in school :)
I still can't imagine that I'm already a Form 4 student ;x
cause I'm still that behci & playyyful! :P HAHAHH
hmm well can say evrythg new for 2010?
new class, new friends, new monitor and so on ._.
overall is okay, some of the teachers are so ss lahh weh :P
evryday been behci-ing with YuenChee in the class
once she need liquid & borrow frm me, she have to act like a flower hahahh!
i dhk you guys knw how right? :DD

opps scout orientation on Wednesdayy ;)
the Form 4's had to stay back and help
me incharging of the register thingy bcz my font NICE :PP
and others walking arnd to promote
about 100++ peoples registered ;D

and and and,
scout activity on Saturdayy! :DD
Hooo-ray the day I've waiting for ;)
cause today the Form 4's leading ahli baru~
WanTat, the ketua for tdy and Mak, SU :)
i didn't incharge of anythg but just walking arnd and see what can I help
ohya and I'm the SU for the next activity =/
I wish I can handle it *cross finger* ;)

hmm i dhk nth much to blog bout o.O
and I just can't wait for Thursdayyyy! :DD
my babe coming back and I'll meet him on Fridayy <3
ciaoz! :D


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