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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Awesomeee Night ;D

BOOOO you!
thr's many things that I want to blog about but the very first thing comes to my mind is..
Last Friday's concert!!! :D
Thr's a free concert oganized by Nokia @ Bkt Kiara Equestrian Club
and for sure, Boys Like Girls coming~! (;
*that's the reason why I must go ;p
Billion thanks to my dear mummy for fetching me :D
I reachh thr about 7 plus & I'm just so lucky that I'm not late, no rain & no sesak
&&& the most important is no need to line up! ;p

After another 20 mins, the concert officially starts =D
opening with two DJs, it's pretty cool! ;p
me standing right in front of two big speakers ._. almost deaf larhh

the crowd :D

After the two local bands perform, KHALIL FONG the next! :D
his live show is so nice:)
so so freaking sweet and romantic ;p

About 8 plus, finally my baby camee :D
and we stand with Vincent them afterwards :)

see, babyku :D ♥

vin looks so cute with her fringe :D

the lovebirds :D

11 of us :D

and the one we waiting for,


I didn't take much picha because I'm overjoyed! :D:D
The concert ends about 11.
Most of them went for supper while JoEe, Chuah, XingTi & I went back home :)
Credits to Chuah's dad for fetching me back!

the very cute jojo :D

same car kaki (;

I'm looking forward their next concert ;)

i miss the boyfriend :D


  1. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i duno bout that!!!! i want to go....boys like girls i love it so much....

  2. hahaha. sure got chance vivian :D
    i love them so much too!! ♥

  3. looks like you were having fun :)

  4. i only get to see them last year at mtv worldstage! martin damn hot :D

  5. nana; yeahh :)

    hilda; owh. I missed out last year's mtv :( still got next chance! :D


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