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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Schoooool x)

hmm, its the second day in 4B! ;)
finally got our timetable and its photostat punya ;x
see, its my new class ==

overall is okay,
chit-chatting with YuenChee :DD
and laughing non stop thr
rmb the big loh yao? ;PP
he just can't get off from my sight XD

opss yeah, Pn Khung taught us sivik
and she asked us to introduce ourself ;x
but luckily nvr kena me :DD
the advantages of knwing less ppl hahah! XD
owhh and,
at least today is better than yesterday ;)

but still, I miss my Form 3 life! ;(
its really so hard to have teamwork in a class ><
and now, haih x_x no more class paling bersih, monitor nagging, gossiping with back benches &&&, loadsa fun in class! :DD
and thr, my SWEET fifteen =(
my vry first time for evrythg ;D
and you, my babe <3

goodnight peoples! :)


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