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Saturday, January 02, 2010

The start of something new ♥

31 Dec 09/1 Jan 2010! ;)

Helloooooooo peoples! ;D
woah its da last day of year 2009
and I miss the moments with you guys in 2009 =(

oh cut the craps,! =X
well after dinner cousyy bring her baby girl over hereee :D
I straight ran over & cubit her ;PP
semakin gemuk and chubbyyyy! ♥

bout 6 smt, off to Jusco for moviee!
hehh Alvin and the Chipmunk 2 :DD
i love alvin and theodoreeeee! ♥ fat & cute! :P
owhh and also met herman thr ;x

after movie went DPC countdownnnnn! ;DD
wooots met alot of KB-ians ;)
bout 1145 walk over to aunt's hrs to see FIREWORKS!
<3 and her hrs has da best viewww :D
whn we go up thr two DSLR alr ready & evryone waiting for 2010!
and and and its time for COUNTDOWNNN =D

time ; 0000

da fireworks last for bout 8 mins :D
and its AWESOMEE! ♥
*more and more pics in DSLR! ;D

and here my first champaign in SWEET 6teen! :D
evryone taking da champaign & cheers with da baby girl
& her, so called DRUNK KID ;)
its 12 am alr yet she still don't want sleep
but after finish watching fireworks she straight close her eyes
HAHAHAHAHH cute right? :DD

and the next morning,
MidValey & The Garden with mummyyyy :D
obviously shopping larhhh XD
gt myself a tee and a jeans from Guesss ;PP
cost bout 400 plus and it kills me x.x
I thk I have to jimat for my cny shopping next time =/

and night,
webcam with da baby boy! ;P ♥

he said,
he only belong with me & no others ;)

my year 2010 begins with a super memorable day with parents and cousy :)
but, haih I really super duper mm seh dak year 2009
>< all the memories with my budds and YOU ♥ my babe boy :D
oppps and now, I'M A FORM 4 STUDENTS! ;)
& yeaah, i'm sure 2010 will be a better year for you and me! :D
010110 ♥


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