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Monday, January 04, 2010

First day schoolin' =(

after about six weeks of holidays, finally school reopen ;)
i don't knw whether is a good news or bad news? ;x
good cause I can meet my friends but I knw that we all must be separate into diff classes ;( aaaw!

well, so lucky that I can fit into my pinaform still :D
but maybe didnt wear this for two months I alr damn mm guan
>< heeeee stepped inside the school
and my first sentence was, "wei" i guess? ._.
and the school was so noisy like a pasar =X
we nvr tried it before although its the first day of form 3 life

oppss; and its time to arrange our class for Form 4
I really super nervous that I scare I can't get into good classes
and no one acc me
>< oh yeah and finally I'm in 4B :DD!
luckily got YuenChee acc me lahhh
and I'm the only one who chose art stream in 3S '09 ;x
most of you feel weird lahh bt it's my choice, and I want to achieve my dream :DD HAHHAAH although I knw its kinda impossible? o.O LOL!
ohyaa, and my form teacher, Pn Nur Faezah
dont knw hw to spell her name =X
she teach us science and looks nt bad what?
and that's all for today, nth much to comment bout haih ><
i wish i were in the same class with them again
>< omg, i cant even stay in my class for a minute! ;x

i wish 2mrw will be a better day. ;)


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