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Sunday, July 18, 2010

AWESOME Saturday! ;D

Morning, scout activity at school as usual :)
hmm BUSY walking around & do nothing ._. RAWR!

with the b'day girl :D

giving out surat amaran ._.

Night, date with hubbyku :D

dinner @ Kay's Garden :D

super nice view from there :)

before that, we bought a card & present for WaiKien :D

TADAHH! hubbyku ;p

 while waiting :D

finally our food come!!

Kay & her chicken with mushroom sauce :D
taste not bad weyy!

we share this :D ice blended choc! *thumbs up

& here my chicken ham & cheese croissants :D

After dinner, we rush to playground for a surprise b'day partay for WaiKien (;
you know what, they bought him a RABBIT!!! :D
but he dropped it on the ground accidentally, darn it!
we joined them for dinner, Kay's Garden AGAIN! ._. 

sho cute of him!

the cuppa :D

the guys :D

ehem, my lou dao! :D

got a guy propose marriage to a girl!!! :D
awww, he's freaking sweet & romantic wey!

 she said YES!!! :D
and they hugged & kissed :) awww!

back to our seat & cont chatting :D
hahaha it's pretty fun fooling around with them!

I enjoyed the night with them! :D:D

Have a blast & sweet 6teen! :D


  1. wow rabbot as a gift is something very new..
    btw it was so sweet to learn how that guy propose to his gf..
    nice experience dining in here~

  2. wow damn romantic! i want to get proposed like that too :3

  3. eunice; hahah nope! ;p

    kwong fei; yeahhh :D
    & I'm scared by the rabbit ._. RAWR!
    btw it's so freaking sweeeet :) whn evrybody shouts marry him!

    hilda; yeah samee :D

  4. So many interesting photos taken. I did not realized that the scout/girl guides' uniform has changed since my time.

  5. admin; haha thanks :D
    no our uniform didn't change it's just half uniform only :)


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