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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Saturday, scout activity was carry out as usual at school :)
We gathered at QM & everyone started to play with ThingGuang's guitar lol

funny face of him xD
After that, physical exercise for the whole day! ._.

see what he's trying to do
but they failed to do so

and here another two behci ;p

Activities that carried out at the school field

see this two fella were enjoying
a junior of mine! he's so flexible wey!


MINE ;p *just joking!

my very good buddies ♥
my cute juniors :D

so called hip hop :D

alright, spot me in the dark ._.

a lil close up of RonKit

childish fella xD

another two lesbo in scout ;p *claps

After that, most of us relax at QM & started chit-chatting :D
only Edwin incharging of activities outside
awww, how poor
Simply love how we fooling around today :D 

PS// sorry guys for not showing guitar just now ._. promise ya when I bring my own guitar :)


  1. owh, i didnt know girl scout's uniform is like that already O.o

  2. scout has lots of interesting activities.. =)

  3. green shirt? wow should it be a greyish uniform? my elder sister used to wear like that last time hehe

  4. you're in scout? Those who joined scout seems to be very tough ;)

  5. wow u guys can wear t-shirt during scout... last time must wear uniform me >.<

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. ~J'@nn~; why? last time wear skirt wan?

    ken; haha yeah! go join go join ;p

    hilda; yeah we got greyish uniform too :) but we're wearing half uniform now only

    m-knight; you're a scout before? :D

    grace; yupp! haha I consider okay only ._.

    lukey; yeah but sometimes had to wear uniform also :) btw nanged ya!

  7. You guys enjoyed it a lot. I see real smiles. :D

  8. Jep; haha yupp! :D

    Tan coerlly hui ming; lol thanks! :) whr are you studying now?

  9. Wow... looks like fun being a monkey!

  10. Jady; hahah yeap! wanna give it a try? ;p

  11. HAHA being a monkey seems like a lot of fun! =P

  12. wow.. school time..
    never been into scout before..
    but it seem great activities..
    ur post made me recall of my secondary school time..

  13. HaoYi; hahaha maybe? :D

    KwOnG FeI; haha go back & visit your sec school! :) yup, scout is funnnn!

  14. it is indeed fun to be a part of scout... :D

  15. hey there thanks for dropping by my blog and the sweet comment you left :)

  16. wahahaha i spot my sister there! no it's actually me :P

  17. xuan; sapo lah you! your sista kay? lol


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