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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Barbeque night :D

YEAH! It's saturday :D which means I don't need to go to school (;
I woke up pretty late today because I wasn't feeling well in the early morning ._.
& that's why I didn't get up to scout activity

Okaay. Back to topic! Yes, barbeque!
we, zzgang were too free & we decided to have a barbeque partay @ YuenChee's hrs :)

YuenChee, SheyLin, KarYing, MinXuan, JingWen, AhBang, KaiPin & YiWen :D

 bbq :D

perfect sausage of the day :D 

she looks like the one who selling satay @ pasar malam ;p

 TADAHH!! guess who? 

after that, we all gather at living room & makan :D

hohoho! got watermelon too (;

start cleaning up :D

bbq again :D finish all the chicken wing

the one who uses flash & freak me out grr

and we start camwhore :D group picha #1



#4 with flash :O

#5 Leaf Ask LOLOL!

#6 sl's fav pose :D

me & pin :)


melovethis!!! :D:D


my sapo ;p she cut her hair wey!!

wen jiun ying :D

the dai b group hahahahah!


Okaay. 10pm & it's time to watch fifa :D
the first time i watch football with budds (; It's kinda fun huh?
so damn nervous & screaming together lol
btw, germany vs argentina 4-0 TT

Oh, and I'm the last one go back home
YuenChee shares me her new zealand ice cream :D:D ♥

I had a splendid night with them :D
xo zzgang!


  1. Electronic BBQ? Fuahh, so modern. Got taste of BBQ or not? I never tried before. =)

  2. yeahh :)
    haha sure got, it tastes so nice!
    go try go try :D

  3. No charcoal smell! Fuahh, I feel like I am so antique because still using the charcoal for BBQ.

  4. so high-tech the BBQ set.. haha.. i so long din BBQ edy.. miss it! =)

  5. tolanic; hahaha really? my hrs don't even have that kind of things for bbq :( too bad

    kenwooi; haha thanks thanks xD lol you can bbq anytime larr :)


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