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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hari Terbuka ;O

I guess most of them were kinda nervous & afraid before taking report card ._.
hehehe! but I'm NOT =X
It's like FINALLY I got the top results in my class huh? :D:D

As usual, sister will follow my mom to take results & see how I'm doing in class ._. RAWRR
but no worries, because I got quite good results this time :D
&&& teacher says that I'm doing pretty good in class but quite naughty sometimes ;p hahaha! *HAPPY!

I guess I didn't fail you guys this time right? :)

After that, we went to The Curve for celebration :D
as mummy promised for a treat :) hehh!

lunch @ Gardens ;p

outfit for the day :D 
camwhoring while waiting for sista ._.

weeee, me ♥ you~!


  1. Wa so smart > . < I fail all the time.

    anyway! good post, feel free to visit me back ya^^

  2. kianfai; lol takde larhh ._.
    btw thanks :D yeah sure!

  3. LOL! u got the same skirt with me ehh xDD

  4. reallyyyy? :D
    let's wear it out next time! ;p


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