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Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Min Planning :D

A day out with my super sexay bobo, Eugene Foo :D hahah!
We only plan yesterday's night & finally decided to go to Times Square :)

We walk from top floor until ground floor o.O hahah!
too rush for shopping & end up we didn't take any picha ._.
even our ss pics are all in dslr weyyyy D: awww!

@ Nikon Centre
 D90!!! :D:D

looks pro eh? ;p

bobo zaza :D

my very first time go to Times Square with friends by ktm :)
and you know what, I come back frm TS alone! ._.
It's kinda scary but luckily nth happened & I'm still blogging here :)
yeah, they made my day! :D

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