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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Once in a lifetime

Dear all the awesome bloggers,
I need your help!!!! :D
Scroll down & see this ._.

The party of the year, MTV World Stage, is back! Alright, this time, several popular international artists will be gracing the stage. They are German Rock Band Tokio Hotel, American singer Kate Perry, Korean band Wonder Girls and our country's local rock band, Bunkface! Again, Malaysia will play the host to MTV World Stage on 31 July 2010 at Sunway Lagoon Resort. :D

I guess some of you haven't get your tix right? Well, including myself D:
BUT! Don't be sad because MSNBuzz is giving out exclussive passes to catch them live! Awww, awesome right? :D
Okaay. All you need to do is write a caption for the picha of Kate Perry below *MUST BE CREATIVE!

Seriously I have no idea for it.
So can you guys help me with the caption thingy? Pweaseeee :)

Thankyou, peeps!

*Check out for more, MSNBuzz *clickable!


  1. wow, thats though!

    btw, you can try getting free passes from sunway lagoon own website as well or xpax.

  2. hilda; yeah :(
    sunway lagoon that website closed dy & xpax one giving out all tix D: too bad!

  3. didnt u say vin yee gona bring ya go?


    haha.. all the best =)

  5. the observer; lol how ya knw? haha yeah but I felt like wanna win the tix by myself :)

    ken; thanks! :D


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