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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

三点三 Tea time!

*blink!* It is already the 1st of February. HAHA btw not forgot to mention, last Friday, 28th was our 22nd monthsary! AWW ♥ Shhh, the boyf will always stalk my blog and see whether I did mentioned about him or not :p

Oh yeah, it is 3 in the afternoon aka tea time with the lovelies! Got up and prepared since the early morning (cheat one :P) because I'm going for a meet up or so called gathering specially for Erika :) Photo courtesy to THEM (there's too many photographer LOL ._.) and check out for more in Facebook.

@Coffee Chemical Cafe, Sunway Giza (above Modiva)

bunch of girls ♥

everyone is playing with the phone :D

Fang and I :)

the camwhore bunch HAHA

One of my favourite shot of the day :D I'm waiting the photos from CCC!

That's all for it. Btw Happy Chinese New Year, everyone ♥ I'm so happy that there's lotsa new stuff in my house yo! Especially furniture, I would say. Let's welcome the arrival of my new babe :D

Thanks to my baby daddy ♥ Another new babe coming soon after CNY, stay tuned!



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