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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


#1 super cute rings from Lollipop. (:

#2 It's just really so adorable, don't cha think so?

#3 Fruit tarts brought to you by Yuh Jiun ajajaja! 

#4 another shot (:

 #5 ze girls that I adored (:

  • Did a lil' shopping at Kaka last Sunday and mummy bought me a bracelet :D It's all handmade stuff over there so it's really special one (:
  • Fruit tart is one of my favourites. ♥ And I just made it with sister yesterday. I tell you, it tastes perfectly awesomeee! I think I'm so talented ajajajaja!
  • Was having class photoshoot today morning. My camera can really take very nice and clear photos although it's not DSLR or semi-pro (: I love my camera more & more now! Oh, and my not-so-awesome classmates heh.
  • I AM SICK ): Flu, cough, sore throat and headache all in one. I just really hate it and it makes my voice goes arghh.

There are many things I need to update as well but I just really lack of time. Mid term exam is coming very soon in just a few weeks time. So yeah, see you in June (: And I promise, I really change my blogskin this time! Yay, TATA!


  1. #2!!!!!!!!!
    can i bring it home xD
    the rings so cute whei!!


    It seriously took me FOREVER to figure out what you'd named this entry -__-" I fail.. I know.. -shrug-

  3. kuro: hahaha I wish to bring it home too lah so cute ):

    나니: HAHAHA :D Er, I wrote " I don't know what title to give" haha!

  4. u bought all the rings there u posted ? omg!!! can't believe that !! i want also ;p

  5. Hahah no I didn't! alot more cute stuffs over there :D

  6. I wanna go next time. Remind me when it's come. Kay??? xoxo!!

  7. lol last picture macam choose something lol XD nvm if u dunno what it means

  8. Oh wow I like the owl! Is that a handmade product?

  9. Nice. :D btw omggee you look so thin! D:

  10. bendan: Haha okay! then we go together :D

    Kian Fai: HAHAHA I get what u mean!

    Rolling Fumbling Thug: yes it is :D

    Pris: thankyou (: nooooo, I'm not D:


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