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Friday, April 01, 2011

Say yes to me (:

After 392839146257 days, finally I am back with updates! Please say that you're happy to see me yeah :P I've been feeling down the whole day, I don't know why. FML ): And I guess blogging is the only way to express my feelings and somewhere I found my happiness back. (: Browsing through the old photos album, and I just realized how much fun I had before. Oh of course, I am enjoying my life now too. Just that, plus a little bit more stress and complicated feelings. :/ How I wish I am still a kid now, cry out loud without any reason and even laugh out loud anytime. awww

Oh well here are some random photos I found in my old album and I feel like posting it. (:

#1 One day trip @ Kuala Sepatang, 20th July 2008.

#2 Happy happy bday to Zi Xuan! '08

#3 One day trip @ KLCC, 13th December 2008.

#4 Happy CNY, buddies ♥ '09

#5 First time went to Genting with boyf & friends together ♥

#6 3S, my favourite class ever! ♥

#7 Fashion show, 23rd October 2009.

#8 First time ever ponteng in my lifetime :p shh

#9 The second time see Jay Chou together with Jing Wen (:

#10 First time that I've been to a concert with boyf & his friends ♥ so happy!

#11 Say hello to my baby baby ♥

#12 Coincidently we wore all yellow tee together to tuition, 10th March 2010.

#13 Superb night @ DPC with them ♥

#14 Favourite shot @ school carnival, 26th June 2010.

#15 BBQ @ Yuen Chee's house, 3rd July 2010.

#16 First time ever kite flying with friends ♥

#17 Six blue sapo was having lunch (:

#18 First time hang out with Ru Shan (: Lee Hom's showcase!!! ♥

#19 First time took part in amazing race @ DPC (:

#20 I know it's ugly, but I still love it (:

#21 I had a date with the sapo :D

#22 I want that big big bear! And I miss my long hair nao ):

#23 A picture of mine a month ago. Now I'm an apple girl heh.



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