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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kaka Art Market is back in town!

2:10 AM 11/4/2011 Monday

Weeee I'm so happy now, and that's why I am blogging here (: Thanks to the drama of every romantic/sad scenes, junk foods that daddy bought for me and every matters that cheer me up heh.

Fyi, Kaka Art Market is held on the first Sunday of every month @ Shaw Parade, Pudu. It's just located right behind Berjaya Times Square. Google it if you don't know. (: And so, I went there on last Sunday, 3rd of April. It's roughly about handmade stuffs, music, photography, pottery and etc. Oh well the theme of April is about animal kingdom.

#1 the banner (:

#2 all types of rings and earrings (:

#3 Among all different kinds' of arts, I love pottery the most. (: Too bad, I'm rushing home that day and I missed it ):

#4 It's ain't cheap, I tell you ._.

 #5 cupcakes with the animals' look on it (:

#6 creative hairclips heh.

#7 handmade clutch :D Got a few is really very nice but sold out ):

#8 Necklace by Lollipop (: 

#9 and rings too ♥

#10 all handmade soft toy wow!

#11 especially this one ♥ me likey :D

#12 paper puppet set (:

#13 It's one of my favourite too :D But I bought another one at last (:

 #14 Clay art ♥ definitely my all time favourites xoxox

#15 Happiness (:

#16 Accessories that made up of clay :D but it just too expensive for me ):

#17 One of my favourite stall of the day (: vintage fashion ♥

#18 hmmm (:

#19 Oh wait, I said I've bought a bracelet right? Here is it :D Noted, non-edited picture except for the watermark (:

After all, I had a superb day! Seeing all those cute stuffs can really makes me happy :D Oh, and I went to Kajang after that (: They booked a resort over there heh. I tell you, the bungalow there really makes you goes awww. Big like a palace and super pretty that you can't imagine at all :O Pictures are not with me so I can't update yet. So yeah, don't cha miss out the next kaka, 1st of May. (:



  1. NICE LEH!i heard of kaka long time ago but nvr been there D:

  2. kuromeowiie: Hahaha, jom the next month's!

    man: :)

    Hilda: Gahh, where you staying? ):

  3. I love #10 all except the one eye toy and also #11 super likey <3

  4. Look interesting. I think I want to open a booth here when I free. =)

  5. Really a lot of interesting and nice stuffs for the ladies. :)

    My eXperiences -

  6. Ohh! Pottery looks so interesting!

  7. crazywrazy: Hahaha, me love that too!

    Tolanic: Yeah, you should :P

    Isaac: Yeah, girls' favourites heh

    Jan: Agreeee (:

  8. argh!! I miss this event again!! :O I love and prefer handmade accessories because they are limited! :D

  9. super agree babe! Everything things over is limited edition :D Or I should say, only got one in the world :) heh

  10. jomjomjom~macam kaya sangat jer XD

  11. Meitzeu: heh, it is!

    kuromeowiie: memang you banyak kaya :P HAHA

  12. hello :DD
    ohmygodd!! must get myself there one day. so many ringsss!! TEEHEE!

  13. nice tips. hello how are you? i would like to ask your permission to change my new URL name in your friendslist if not yet changed. Just delete the Blogspot name. thank you.

  14. Joann: Yeah, you should!!! :P HAHAHA

    mikexplorer: hello :) alright!


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