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Friday, April 08, 2011

Fried Oreooo!

Yeah, it's fried oreo! Credits to Carmen, I had this super awesome dishes for tea time yesterday. I missed out the dessert night at Carmen's house last Saturday so I've decided to make it myself heh. Fyi, Imma oreo freak :P I always wanted to bake a oreo cake but I'm such a lazy bum, you know. ): But now I can replaced it with fried oreo whenever I'm craving for it (: YAY

According to Carmen, it's actually damn easy to make fried oreo. Just follow the steps below (:

Firstly, what you need is flour.

Then, add some water and a pinch of salt into the flour and stir it together.

Until it becomes like this. (:

Then, take out the oreos and put it into the flour made. Make sure it's thick enough before you put it into the pot.

Oreos! But I think I've brought the wrong brand. ): It's Jack n' Jill one.

Heat up the pot and you have to put quite some amount of oil in it. Then, deep fry the oreos until it becomes golden brown colour.

TADAH! And it's done :D

Yeah, I know it doesn't looks good but it tastes yummeh :D

Oh, the taste is like.. fried ice cream I would say (: Crispy but soft like ice cream inside awww.
You can rarely see me walking in kitchen and cook except for something that I'm interested in and I would like to try it out myself. (: Shh but still, 3 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down ): Because it's unhealthy and fattening awww. Anyway it's kind of dessert that you should really try out (:

P.S. Pardon me for the handphone's camera quality ):



  1. hahaha LOL nice try yo! HAHAH fried ice cream yah, all melted inside :)

  2. kurang tepung... wakakaka... but good try... better than me since i've never done this, maybe i'll post up my fried ice cream attempt! :P

  3. Nice! I want to try your fried oreos too!

  4. hahaha it's realy super unhealthy, oreo oredi consist high in sugar and now u fry it n it has extra oils! oh gosh haha

  5. I think the photo quality is okay! HAHA yeah weh, damn unhealthy :S

  6. I wanna make some for my boyfie,lol :P

  7. Kian Fai: yeayea! taste like right, damn nice :D

    Henry Lee: but still, I prefer fried ice cream heh. my favourites!

    Issac: HAHAHA nice one okay :P

    Vyan: surely can (:

    Kelly C: agreeeeee! that's why my mom don't let me make it anymore :P

    Hilda: Haha, thankyou! yeah eh ):

    Steph: naiseeeee. make for me too, thanks :P

  8. HAHAHA, oh wow! That sure looks kinda nasty XD But I can really imagine it tasting SUPER good!

  9. 0.0 Wah I didn't know oreo can be fried. How's the taste?

  10. 나니: HAHAHA thankyou! yes yes, go try it :D

    Rolling Fumbling Thug: like fried ice cream? crispy but damn soft inside!!

    Veng Yie: make it yourself la :P

  11. Seriously nice?! I am going to try.

  12. goreng = heaty
    chocolate = heaty
    heaty * heaty = super heaty? :P


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