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Saturday, April 04, 2009

4 April

i didn't blog for almost a week
bcz i really darn lazy & busy recently!
evryday staying back afta tht homework, music, tuition blablahh
ishh! this week almost evryday aso lewat lerr ><
eee! these days really so darn relax & happy! :D
come school just talk & talk in class!
afta hols many teachers bcum vry fierce alr
like my gg teacher & Miss Jamielah~
eeeee! i felt tht my class really so sui lahh
nw so many teachers tak boleh tahan us alr
lik wht they said
the best class always gt many attitude prob!
heee last Mon's
my group selling Rojak at canteen thr during recess
ishh! stupid sivik proj larhh
abt 10am v go down & prepared
RAWR! tht Miss Assunta really darn fan lahh!
we doing work & she keep ngam ngam ngam! ><
eee at 1st many ppl come & buy
hahaa & they said nt bad? :DD
i din try so i don't knw~
weeee v all really so darn high at thr lahh!
hahaa & ahkln shouting thr LOL
eeeee! at last we sold alll!
hiakhiak~ earn about rm180
yeshhhh! its a good experience for us :)
ps act i nvr help anythgs at all!
just stand thr, wait & put a stick on it only!
banyakkk relax my job! :P
while last Thur's
Rawr! thr's a Geografi Ceramah 4 form 3's students!
my class skip perhimpunan & go 2 dewan arrange chairs
omg really so sien lah~
it end at 1030 & v stil wanna go back class row by row!
JingWen keep saying tht her Tomyam bo liao lahh LOL
after recess v ponteng class & go 2 foyer for the Congkak Competition! :D
eeee! i didn't take part larhh just go thr 4 fun!
stayed at thr & play about 1 hrs xD
1st round vs JingWen!
yeshhhh! I WIN~
taadaaa! really so darn fun lahh!
hahaa since secondary scul i didn't play congkak ler
i miss tht! ><
geeeee! act v wanna go 4 Batu Seremban bt ppl said full
so v cant play d haix!
while d last two period v go back class & guai guai study ler :X
it's d last day Pn Roslizah teach us! (i dhk i din spell wrong her name? )
& she changing skul on next Monday
4 months!
she taught us 4 four months & v nvr listen to her! xD
so 2day must do her homework, listen 2 wad she said~
wonders next Mon who will teaching us Seni? lol
after back home saw mom bought many thgs for us! :DD
she went Jusco 4 d J-Card Dayy~
eeee i loveee my mummyy! :3
yeshh! im waiting for my ps3 next Mon! :DD
okayy. i dhk im just stop hereee.
teeeheee (:

i love EDWARD TAN lots! :3


  1. i saw some small small words at d laz there @@

  2. kakak! gt larhh u din come support me only ><

    sheylin so what? xDD

    hahaa i will get it next week! :D

  3. I WANT PS3!!!
    After u get it..
    I will go your hrs..
    Saya mau play orochi!!

  4. hahaa okayy.
    geeeee! really <3 my sis lotss!


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