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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Year 2011 ♥

Hello my readers/fans/followers or whatever. HAHA sounds like so famous, but I am not D: It is a brand new year 2011 and again the Ng's family was having reunion dinner on 1st of January 2011! I ♥ family gathering :) Too bad, I can't blog about it now not until my cousie uploaded pictures D:

Alright, Imma blog about my New Year eve nao! I thought it would be a special one since the boyf is here but end up he couldn't make it. Never mind, I still have a blast one with my family&cousies :D

Final decision, countdown @ Desa Park City

Reach there around 7.30 p.m. and light dinner @ Kluang Station with Eugene :)

pretty pictures of Eugene Foo by Yuh Jiun HAHA :D

Walking around with her since we're too free :P And you can see so many KB-ians around there o.O

ignore my legs HAHA ._.

and we met up with Lizzieeeee ♥ She's leaving to NS, sad case :(

she's freaking red hawt :O WOOTS!

and I bumped into mummy @ Coffee Bean! He was trying to scared me LOLOL

the stripes gang LOL

Yanni so cute :D

bumped into Chelle there too! :D She's hawt larhh ♥

And I went off to find my sisters&cousies after that, we countdown together :D Pictures all in their cameras :(

my baby girl ♥ HEHEH :D

bokeh is ♥ :)

Happy New Year everyone! Year 2010 was rocks, and I wish year 2011 is even better to me :D SPM, so what? HAHA :P And my cousie, HsienYinn is leaving to US to study another half an hour, take care loves ♥ :)

P.S. Photo courtesy to Eugene Foo & surely yours truly, ME :D



  1. You got yrself new camera ah? (: Bokeh is the sex! :P

  2. hehe! i met u! =) must take photos next time! =)

  3. Chuen: Happy New Year too! :)

    Hilda: I am not that rich yet HAHA. that's my friend's one :D

    Alien: Yeahhhhh! :D

    Joeann: Happy New Year too!

    Nikel: HEHEH :D

  4. woooo!! Jiun, u look so diff in those pic eh...leng leng !!!=P*SWEET TALK*

  5. Wow!! Leng leng!! Happy New Year anyway~ XD

  6. Eunice: Ohhh, really?! HAHAHA thanks larh :P

    kahmon: thanks babe :P happy new year too!

  7. hello cute , hyper and leng leng yuhjiun ! LOl . Why ignore your leg ? Your leg is sexy ! oops , hahaha . =p Desa park city is so nice at night ! haha =D You can eat much 1 woh . hahaha . And your baby cousin is so cute ! =D Happy New year 2011 Yuhjiun ! =D

  8. Awww such cute photos : D I'm a new follower! Love your blog! That red dress looks so good on your friend : D

  9. Thought of going desa park city.. ended up countdown @ the curve.. wonder how is the countdown @ DPC.. ^^

  10. i went there last year^^ so many people XD happy new year to u XD

  11. Yeeing: We can go out next time what! :P

    Jayren: Hello handsome LOL! Hahaha no, my leg so cacat :/ Yeah yeah, desa park city at night damn nice :D HEHE How you know she's my baby cousin? :O

    나니: Thankyou! HEHE :D

    Casley: o.O thought of going the curve ended up went DPC HAHA :P It's awesomeeee!

    domokun: I went there last year too :O HAHA happy new year!

  12. Yuhjiun...u look pretty..Happy new year 2011!

  13. bunch of pretty girls! envy laH! hahahahaa....
    happy new year!

  14. WeiWei: Hahahah thankyou! LOL Happy new year too :) Hahaha why envy LOL! :)

  15. I love the photos! Happy New Year :)

  16. I'm not going to ignore your pretty legs :P

  17. Cassy: thankyou! Happy New Year too :)

    Careen: Hahahah my legs aren't pretty! LOL

  18. Yuhjiunnnnnnn! I'm sorry that I cannot view your chat box but I don't know why, so I just post my comment here. :( Anyway, yes, the photo of my latest post was taken by me. :D Thanks! :D :D :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway! I hope I'm not too late. :P

  19. hello Happy New Year! I couldn't comment on ur cbox so here am I XD I don't own a DSLR..that picture is taken by my friend's DSLR

  20. My god! You addressed that blue shirt guy as 'Mummy'?! So you're in the 'RED' gang that night?

  21. goingkookies: my friend took that hehe :)

    Jiamin: Oh, it's okay! Hahahha Happy New Year too :D

    Liki: Oh, ops my cbox got problem already ._. Haha I see!

    chenlin: Hahahha cannot is it? :P LOL only two ppl in red what :/

  22. Hmm,I was there too. And I saw Eugene,tuition mate of mine ^^

  23. Steph: reallyy? why nvr saw me :(

  24. Eugene=gal, and Mummy=guy?
    Guess uncle got generation-gap :p


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