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Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's already the ninth day of CNY yet I still haven't blog about even Chinese New Year's eve. Lotsa pictures over here but I have no time to upload, so stay tuned yeah. D: Ops, as I mentioned, it's the ninth day of Chinese New Year and all the hokkiens have to pray aka 拜天宫. Great, I'm a hokkien too, so I don't need to go to school the next day :p

Seriously, I enjoyed my CNY very much this year. It's slightly different than the previous year's but I don't know how to describe. HAHA noob blogger, I know. D: As usual, World War starts every year on the ninth day! Yeah, which I mean fireworks battle.

the awesome ending ♥

Firework is love, isn't it? (: I can be super duper happy just watching the fireworks, I don't know why. How I wish someone will put fireworks just for me someday. :) Btw, surely we won't missed out the wishing lantern, 孔明灯 :) I wished to play this long ago and finally I get to!

I wish, I can marry that fella very very soon ♥ :P HAHA.

ahh, it's getting higherrrrr :D which means my dream will comes true!

And lastly, I wish everyone every year has fish (年年有鱼) :P Alrighty, shopping & movie with mummy tomorrow YAY. :D Valentine's Day coming soon, what's up peeps? :)



  1. Issac: same to you! :)

    Simon: HAHAH you spotted that! Thankyou :)

  2. too bad 孔明灯 is banned in Penang because too close to airport.

  3. ooo. people keep on mentioning DON'T PLAY THE FLYING LANTERN BLA BLA BLA in Kuching. You can sued, something like that. O: because they scare the airplane see wrong signal, xD bwahaha

  4. ahsiang: reallyyyy? :O

    Pris: HAHAHA mmg is cannot play one, but we don't care :P one year once saje wey!


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