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Saturday, February 19, 2011


As what I've promised earlier, I'll update more once I'm free right :) Before that, I shall say thanks to you guys for concern. Seriously I've never think of so many people will care about me and cheer me up, I feel better a lot now cheers! :D

Omigosh, Chinese New Year has ended two days ago and now only I'm gonna blog about the fourth day. Actually there's lotsa things to update but seriously I have no time to upload pictures & even all memory is full. Ahh. Back to my topic, the whole bunch of crazy one went to house hopping on the fourth day of CNY. There are around 6 stops in total and we guys keep gamble & take pictures all the way HAHA.

First stop; Mun Hui's

the only guy over there & he reached about an hour earlier than us! HAHA

as I said, gamble gamble gamble!

me playing blackjack :D

Second; Bronson's

the front row;

and the behind one :)

we camwhore lots in the car HAHA

the girls ♥

Third; Ching Sheong's

SKIP! (no pictures & we keep eating only LOL)

Fourth; Zhan Feng's


Xuan and I :) ♥

with Mun Hui & Wai Kien!

Fifth; Wai Kien's

most of them singing & few playing mahjong behind ._.

AHA not forgot too, group picture! self timer :D

& lastly, Shey Lin's place. It's around 6 in the evening and I got to leave to my aunt's open house at Desa Park City. Weee, pictures' up the next post :D I'm gonna continue with my "Full House" now and thanks my lovely dovy friends for the day :) ♥



  1. wei, your blackjack only 15 points but 4 cards already! got '5 dragon' or not?

  2. hey.. i see alot of underage gambling.. report police.. lol.. nice post btw.. how come didnt invite this eh hem.. leng chai..??

  3. Simon: surely lorrrr me pro ma :P everytime also get 5 dragon wey!

    Tikkoss: HAHA what underage? LOL.I don't see any lengzai here please :P

  4. your smile is so sweet ! wahh whole gang gamble together must be so fun right ....? cool leh :) finally cny is officially over :/

  5. Wah, so rich to gamble. LOL.

    CNY so happening.


  6. 欣苓: Aww thanks! Hahah, yesh super funnnn :D Yeah, sad case D:

    Kelvin Tan: what rich? HAHA jom mahjong!

  7. This year me and my friends didn't go visiting houses. Makes me miss it!

    so did u win lots?

  8. Nice nice , but why didn't go to your house 1 ? =p

  9. hi there.. i added u to my friend list. i like your blog. please add me too. thank you.

  10. wa 6 stops in one day! hahahah. happy cny cutie! (;

  11. so many stops! but your house leh? =D

  12. Waaa, pro gambler ah? xD Anyway, so many of you guys going visiting, reminds me of the old times where I used to do that with my classmates too heh

  13. The feeling of fren gathering is damn nice! U make me miss all my friendsssss

  14. xing: Hahahha yeshhh! win a lot HAHA :P

    Jayren: cause my house too far away!

    mike: thankyouuu :)

    Cassy: Hahaha yesh! happy cny too pretty :)

    Qi Wen: gahh, my house too far lahh :P

    Hilda: Ehem, I heard someone even more pro than me right HAHA :P yeah, cause still high school now ma :P

    Jacqueline: Gahh, go out with them! :D


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