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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Extra Ang Pau from NN!

On a brighter note of my title, I got my second Nuffnang cheque this morning :D Not gonna tell you the amount but I am satisfied with this within 4 months :)

Thanks to NN where I can get my extra pocket money before CNY :) And A BIG HUG to all my fellow readers *touched*

surely, I am not as cute as the bear :p

Ops, I got to go and prepare for tomorrow's stuff! Before that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, LOVES ♥



  1. YuhJiun, congratulation!
    And, Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  2. That's GREAT! Happy Chinese New Year, Yuh Jiun!

  3. When you cash out your earning YJ? I cash out at last month and I haven't get my check yet..OHNO!
    Btw, Happy Bunny Year there! May you have a gr8 start:]

  4. so good..extra pocket money...anyhow happy chinese new year my dear

  5. fulamak, alot of pocket money from NN hor ? :D

  6. Congrats YuhJiun! :) Lols I need to delete a random blog title which also named Recall from my friend list so that I can differentiate which one is yours :) Happy Bunny Year and may you have a PROSPEROUS year!

  7. QiWen: thanks!

    Chenlin: errr, end of december I think? :) Btw, thanks! happy cny too!

    Anne: Thankyouu happy cny dear!

    Shuwen: NO lorrrrr, hahaha :P

    Rolling Fumbling Thug: AWWWW thankyou babe!

    Simonh: thanks :)


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