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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bunny Year 2011 ♥

Greeting loves ♥

Oh yes, finally it's Chinese New Year which all of us are waiting for. As usual, all my relatives came over my house on the first day of CNY. And what to do when all the cousies meeting up? Gossip for sure! Adults in the living room and children at the back :p

While at night, we went to Dong Zen Temple as I requested since I've never been there before. YAY billion thanks to my sister's boyfriend who promised to bring me there (: By now, let the pictures do the talkings! I have tons of pretty pictures over here AHA.

We were at a stall which selling those wishing stuff.

Okay, I look retarded ._.

both sisters' one :(

And now my turn to hang it up. Okay, it's really too high you know. Both their boyf help they to hang it up one :( I've been jumping for more than 50 times until everyone was looking at me but still failed. Ended up..

HAHA thanks to daddy & sister's boyf :D

my elder sister, pretty right? :P

sisters with their new hairstyle ♥

I was forced to "V" with her ._.

credits to me :D elder sister & her boyf!

another couple, eldest sister & her boyf :D

daddy ♥ :)

And, mummy ♥ :)

See clearly, actually we were posing like the three fella behind there HAHA.

the actor&actress wannabe LOL

We are happy family ♥

A picture of my beloved family as the ending of my post. (Y) Thanks God for granting my wish which year 2011 is superb to me! I am real happy today! :D

YuhJiun (:


  1. Looked like you really enjoyed your outing! Nice pictures even in low light conditions!

  2. Hahaha the pic tt u took of your sister's bf kneeling down is really funny! Very exaggerated expression, spontaneous!!

  3. Isaac: thankyou! Hahah semi pro camera ma :P

    eunice: awww :D <3

    Zazabong: Hahaha is they wanna pose like this! HAHA

  4. happy bunny year ^_^ hope it brings u joy n happiness ..

    my new year entry ->

  5. Wah...your family is awesome lar! All of you look great! So lovely!^^

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too, darling! Be happy, healthy and safe always~ *Hugs* :D

  6. that temple is at Jenjarum right?...the decor is so mesmerizing...

  7. pilotHans: Happy new year too! :)

    Erika: Hahaha thanks babe :) alrighty!

    Miss N: Yeahh, the deco there is really super nice :D

  8. Actually u r pretty too!! Use make up to gain some confidence! x)

  9. Cadlynn: HEHE :D

    Jacqueline: Awww thankyou! :)

  10. I super love the massive tanglung decorations, so pretty! Yr dad is so cute to carry you to reach the tree okay! :D and and and I love yr outfit!

  11. I just noticed, the wish note is so high up !

  12. Some of the photos are really nice. =D

  13. Hilda: Hahah you should go there some day :D Hah thankyou! :)

    Joeanney: Yeahhh :)

    Isaac: It's super high okay, I can't even reach it haha

    jfook: some sajeeeee? Haha btw thanks!

  14. nice post ! and nice light deco ! i like ! =D


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