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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Year, New Entertainment!

Oh yes, referring to my title, there's a new guest in my house! Guess who is it? And welcome the arrival of her :P

My little cutie pie ♥

As usual, every CNY my sister's boyfriend will drop his puppy at our house for a few days because they are going back hometown and no one take care of her. And we are super willing to do so because she is just so adorable, isn't it? :)

Everyone of us so sayang this hyperactive kid ♥ She doesn't sleep you know! Jumping in the morning & keep barking at night ._. And now this little fella fell asleep on my legs ♥

Shh, she's sleeping ♥ :)

me likey this ♥

AHA! Time to teman my little baby nao ♥ Btw FYI I won't update so often after this because I'm real busy 24/7. AWW D:



  1. Aww aww aww! Pinch her! Sooo cute especially with the outfit! Is she a small breed or still a puppy?

  2. ahsiang: Hahahah she is!!

    Rolling Fumbling Thug: awwww :P YES, small breed! HEHH :D

  3. So cuteeeeeee! How come he's not wearing chinese traditional clothes? :P

  4. too cute too awesome! where is the bunny! this yr is bunny year ler!

  5. Cadlynn: HEHEH :D

    Jayren: yeshhh :D

    Hilda: no one buy for her :P next year lah haha.

    crazy: Hahaha, no bunny only puppy!

  6. ceh..jia jia busy la u!! is she gona grow bigger?


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