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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hai, cheesie!

Went to Inniter's gathering on Saturday @ Pizza Hut, Midvaley. Had a great time with all of them although I don't talk a lot, take pictures, eat and etc like what they said. :P Jimmy, as the organizer, couldn't attend at last due to some reasons but the gathering still going on and we had fun! :)

Bottom: Hilda, Spectre, Bern

Bottom: YuhJiun, Vince, Simon

Pizzaaas *nom nom nom*

Hilda was busy eating all the time!

If you don't know what is YAM XIU, look at both of them and you'll know ;) *wink*

P.S. Don't scroll down if you just had your breakfast/lunch/dinner, because it's just so disgusting :p

Vincy, the one who said he's cute :p
and he's GreenTeaBern who is doing 0-5 pose ._. *puke*

After lunch, we went to Convention Centre since there's having some comic-like function and the guys want to see big boobs girl, YaoYao LOL. So called hamsap Tikkoss took out his DSLR quickly to snap ... ( you should know ;p)

we missed out yaoyao's show and this is 988 some live games!

And we come here to look for Jessy too since she asked us to find her for some free prizes :D We've walked around the whole convention hall and couldn't find her. Then, don't know who suddenly pop out saying that is it Jessy in that bunny? LOL.

100% matches? ._.

hamsap fella :D

before we leaving :)

We met another blogger, Coco too :)

Like people said, group photo is a must. And some of them are leaving for group study.

And the rest of us went for pool and foosball instead of going back home so early.

Simon and Vince, both pro pool players :D

And me! :D looks cool? :p

priceless face when we won :D YAY!

Next round @ Library, The Curve but I went home earlier because it was my granny's birthday. Check it out if you haven't :)

P.S. Thanks to Tikkoss for the treat and fetching me back and all of you who made my day :D



  1. Wow, that is one awesome gathering! Fun all the way~ xD

  2. wow wow...nice gathering~~

  3. Why everyone keep saying that I'm eating all the time? ): HAHAHAH

  4. OH MY~~ i missed such a wonderful gathering :(((


  6. Nice gathering. You guys really had a lot of fun. Fuahh, Vince looks like Nobita! And Bern looks so freaking ghey. W00T!!! I feel like want to puke!

  7. OMG!the Innit Gathering was awesome and i missed it LOL

  8. wah..say i hamsap.. i so ko lian.. proly im the most gentleman ever !

    btw, if you wanna say i hamsap..can u say i hamsap with prettier girls :P

    no reputation liao.. all gone.. thanks YJ
    now i have to register for monastery..sob sob

  9. Wahhh~ You guys so enjoy~ Sigh!! Can't join you guys for food d~ X(

  10. Hahh, thanks people! There's a lot more outing in the future, no worries! :)

    Hilda: you are what :p

    Tikkoss: LOL, I said SO CALLED Hahaha! I thought Simon is the most gentleman? LOL.

  11. Hi, cute cheesie.. LOL!!
    I thought u're taking part for the pizza hut!

    T,T I dont hv much photo with u guys, kinda sad.
    Anyway, quick organise the next gathering. Haha..

  12. wow.. nice to see u enjoyed yourself !!
    btw, a few people that I am not sure who.. are they innitters or just bloggers ?

  13. LOL I WAS LAUGHING at Hilda Photo, "she is busy eating all the time!" LOL

  14. Thanks peoples! :D & join us next time heh

    Roonie: all bloggers :D

    Chuckie: hmm, by photoscape :)

  15. HAHA! Hilda really can eat eh... And GTB really can pose!!!! SALUTE! haha! Thanks for dropping by sweetie!

  16. Hahaha yeah! Bern so pro in posing :p It's okaaay pretty! :)

  17. Wow , nice ! Tikoss aka X .lol wth Haha ! vince memang cute 1 .lol Cant wait for the next outing . =p P.S Yuh Jiun so talkative and naughty in virtual world* =p


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