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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Of heaven & hell

I believe that November gonna be a good good month for me. Although we've finished exam, but we still got to go to school for the last two weeks. Anyway, attendance is not taken but we go to school just for fun and for results purpose.

So what's after exam? PARTAY, BABY! Went to Marc's party on Saturday and Jason's birthday on Monday. Have a blessed birthday dude.

I've never seen someone making a wish just like praying :p

@ Heaven. Foods and service are sucks. But the live band is totally awesome :)

I'm so gonna insomnia tonight. FML. Goodnight, babes.




  1. My cousins just finish their pmr examination...they too go to school for fun... Ahhh I misss high school...the good ol times....

  2. Hilda; LOLOL!

    Jessy; Oh, yeah high school life is always the best :D


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