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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

They are amazing;

Was in charging of a game, Amazing Race at Desa Park City that organized by SheyLin, Hui Ann and KarYing. Each team's members have to wear in different colour shirt to represent them. There are five stations and the fastest one will be the first place and win 20 bucks. It's just for fun and a game to relax after finals.

Let's check out how much fun we had!

the organizers

So called breakfast and you can imagine how nice it is until they vomit lol.
Ingredient of the "breakfast"

the evil one ;)

who failed to do so have to do sit up for 30 times in 5 minutes. *if not mistaken*

run baby run!

HuiAnn's station, some Thai and Korean knowledge :)

They look like couple right? ;)


KarYing's station

To find 10 letters, sampat daoo lol.

best participant for the day? :D

Kay and I, the photographer :D

Next, SheyLin's station. There are 6 missions to complete. Which is,

a picture with angmo

a picture with staff in MaxValue

something like car's number, I guess.

posed like titanic & take a picture

take picture with 11,1, 9,16,9,14 which means Kai Pin in letters.

Chilled at Coffee Bean since both of us are too free.

Mocha Latte. Not bad :p

bestie ♥

About 1130, finally the game is over. The pink team, RonKit & ShengCher and the purple team, LingLing & ChongKheng be the first one! :D Congrats yo.

The blue team, YianBing & HongJun be the 2nd runner up and they got 10 bucks! :)

the guys :)

ze ladies :)

There are more than 10 cameras there, and we keep posing for every camera lol.

And the black one, AJKs :D 

And of course, how can we missed out a group photo before leaving. Coincidently there's a uncle passed by and the boys helped him to take stuff so he promised to take picture for us. yay!

There are twenty-eight of us! ♥

Alright, time to continue watching movie. Toodles!



  1. So nice post.. so happening.. next time can i tag along ?

  2. Wa... looks fun!! I hope to join something like tat. But I'm old to join!! LOL.. XD

  3. NICEEEE! So fun!!!!!! But I can see that the weather is super HOT! Haha!

  4. wow...haha so fun desa park city rite??

  5. The drink is.....yuck...I wont take a sip no matter what...

  6. Super fun yo! Next time shall organize activities like this for Inniters teehee~

  7. You seemed like you had LOTS of fun lol.

  8. I live opposite DPC onli! Next time, ask me to join you lah! Hahaha!

  9. OMG! the breakfast r so meannnnnnnnnnn! hahahhaaha

  10. Thanks peeps! Yeah, I had lotsa fun & it's at dpc ya :)

  11. Wah..Enjoying so much.. I wish i can join too!xD

  12. woot,so nice to be young..haha

  13. Lols how possible to do 30 sits up within 5 minutes? I don't think I can XD Lols the taking with angmoh so fun neh! Maybe next time you should give them harder task, such as do a handstand in a petrol station or whatsoever, haha! *so evil* eh how come you can be so free wan? AJK must involve oso wut..lols!

  14. LOL. The yellow couple the girl didn’t really touch her prince’s body. Shy ka?

  15. It's just alike the Orienteering game for scouting. I used to participated myself with my frenz last time. It's kinda joyful and healthy.

  16. Cool~ (^o^)
    Seems like much fun that u hv. Is it a self-organised event among ur members?


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