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Monday, November 15, 2010

She's like a diamond to me ♥

Last Saturday was my granny's birthday. Was celebrated at a restaurant nearby my house. Dressed up and headed to the restaurant around 7 o' clock.

Room 331; with sing k services :)

Hazel Nut Cake from San Terri's which cost about 200 bucks ._. YUM!

daddy's side big family :) ♥

loadsa ♥

Abigail :) She's freaking adorable ♥

with my elder sister :) p.s. Abi has changed into pyjamas :D

cousieee ♥

& the adults :)

Happy B'day, granny! <3XO.

Abi :) She kisses my left cheek, right cheek & lips, aww :p

The best day I ever had throughout the year and the most awesome among all previous celebrations. And not forgotten, my most awesome blossom precious granny. ♥

I love you lots, really, I do.



  1. Happy belated birthday, YJ's grandmama :D rm200 for a cake damn pricey weh!

  2. is this the saturday after the gathering??

  3. Happy Birthday grandma~~ XD

    Haha.. you looks kust like ur sister.

  4. YJ.. im so over ur sister now.. i started to like you grandma.. she is still cool.. and whoever that small baby is.. pinch pinch (not ur son right?)

  5. XCB: thanks! :)

    Simon Har: Haha, yup!

    Hildamilda: Thankyouu :) yeah, kinda pricey o.O

    Chuen: yeah, but exp weyy!

    Bern: yupp! :)

    bendan: Thanks! LOL, is it? xD

    Tikkoss: please lah my sista UNavailable xD LOL. & the baby is GIRL!

  6. your grandma looks great! Happy Birthday =)

  7. wow! big big family! baby so cute :)

  8. Rascat: heh :)

    Sherry: thankyou!

    Kian Fai: Haha, what's so great? btw thanks :)

    Alien: hah, yeah she is! :D

  9. Eh, Ronnie didnt join geh?! He's part of your family members too right..?

  10. 吹水 - CHUI SUI: heh :)

    melmonica: Hahaha! Thn you should ask him :p


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