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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm feeling fresh!

Firstly, I would like to thanks you people for the visits and supportive of my blog because it has reached up to more than 100 followers last Sunday! *hugs* YAY! Although I'm not that famous as kennysia or XiaXue, but I'll still try my best to update more frequently :)

And I've grounded myself for a couple of days since I've spent a lot last week. I gave myself some tasks to do everyday and at least I don't feel lifeless anymore! Of course I still do hang out around with my friends since it's holidays. :)

#1 I've start doing house chores & learn cooking! YAY :p *I'm beginner pweaseee*

#2 Clean up my room last Monday and it's super tidy now! ;)

#3 Was attended a famous guitarist, XueFei Yang's concert on Wednesday night. Her concert was superb and worth it because she's freaking talented! 

outfit for the day :)

I'm so lucky to get her signature after concert and actually she wrote my name on it :D

Damn, I didn't bring my camera along since there mentioned no photography or audio recording :( I'll blog about it more when I got the pichas :)

It's 11.45p.m. now, I feel so lethargic and I shall stop here.
Heh, goodnight.



  1. wow...start learn cooking~ good!

  2. can eat de bo? so easy cook de stuff.

  3. Cadlynn: yup :p

    John: eh, of course can lah! I'm beginner weyyy

  4. Cooking is awesome la! You should really learn more from your mum :)

  5. woots i like yr outfit, looks more feminine (:

  6. wah... u follow the rules so tightly !

  7. Philip: lucky? lol.

    Your Humble Servant: Hah, yup! Learning now lahh :)

    Mk: sendiri fly here :p

    Hilda: Hahah, thanks! So means normally I'm not lady lah?

    xing: you lagi sexay! *grinsss*

  8. Havent been to an actual concert lol, if you minus school outings and excursions haha

  9. Waaa~ Nice outfit. Must be very very pretty, girl!! Hahaha.. XD

    Envy le la. Teehee!!

  10. Jimo Wu: Hahaha, yup!

    bendan: Lol, you more pretty lah babe :p

    Mindy: Hahahah, for myself ah! He ahh, next time lah XD

  11. wow..... breakfast..... simple yet delicious..

  12. soulesscloudy: haha, yup!

    ken: yeah :)


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