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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday evening,

28th is always the best day for me. And it's also our 20 monthsary, pig! Although he's in overseas now, he still try to wake up early and chat with me. Aww, how sweet of him. :) Btw YeeKay and I have been planning to meet up when we're free since we didn't hang out together for ages. (Actually it's just a few months :p)

tea time @ Moe de Cafe, Menjalara :)

Mine, Lemon Coke :)

and hers, Ribena Longan Soda :)

And some snacks, octopus *YUMM*
French fries :)

Actually our main point coming out today is just chit-chatting since we didn't hang out together for months. We crap a lot and I'm being so syok sendiri there when we're talking about something XX PL *cough* I think it's better not to public out here or else... :p Since we have too much time, after that we changed place to upstairs :)

@ Umami Cafe, K Gallery Menjalara. And we met KahYee and Shumeen studying there :)

her so called dinner LOL :)

YAY! I missed outing with her a lot and also her sampat-ness :p She is a very good friend to hang out, gossip, camwhore and even have a heart-to-heart talk! And we used to be DPC kia, do you remember? :p
We shall have more outings in the future!



  1. yuhjiun!
    happy 20th monthsary to u~

  2. Now I feel like having that longan drink :P

  3. Mr Lonely: Thanks :)

    Cadlynnn: Hahah, thankyou cadlynn!

    Joe Ann: LOL. Too big until both of us can't finish it!

    melmonica: hahaha, thanks :)

    Hilda: but tastes weird since it mix with ribena LOL

  4. COOL ~ okayyy ~ i just had my supper and i'm feeling hungry agn ==

  5. i'm interested... wat camera are u using... cuz u take nice photos

  6. Mei Yee: Aww, sorry making you hungreh haha :p

    Dori Lukey: Hmm, just normal camera lumix one :)

  7. Hehe~ was here, looking at your sapo photo!! Blek...

    You really looks sweet with your smile. Anyway, I feels weird while can't even spot a shadow of your BF here... I know why now, coz he's at oversea!! XD

  8. Don't know why! For some reason when I saw the Lemon Coke pic... I am thirsty LOL. I WANT THAT!! =X

  9. Moe de Cafe at Sunway Giza Food is bad =) but the drinks is awesome especially Ribena Longan Soda =) but expensive drinks . . .

    Good post =)

  10. the ambience looks good, food---5/10 cos im vegan! hehe

  11. nice pics! u snap pics like pro photographer!

  12. bendan: Why is there a sapo calling others sapo? :P Lol, yeah. You look sweet too! :D

    Zazabong: Make it yourself :P

    Kian Fai: Really? Never knew that there's moe de cafe at Sunway Giza too :/

    Salty: Oh, hah! :)

    Celeste: :)

    Philip: Go & get it!

    Simonh: Hahahaha, thanks lah but I am definitely not a pro one :/

  13. your blog makes me hungry :S I was like 0.0 when I looked at the French Fries. hhaah

  14. I've been there once =.=..
    and I don't think it's good..
    its cocktail sucks to max !

  15. sophiatai: Hahahah, only french fries? XD

    isroxck: Lol, I nvr try its cocktail pun :) Just the environment good only

  16. the place seems cool but do you mind telling me if it tastes good with the price as well?

  17. the ambience there is good..and we can play cards and stuff there right?i went there to read comics frequently lol

  18. domokun: omg, you always go there? :D I always go old town ahaha!


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