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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pavilion with the girls!

It's already the mid of November. Omgawd, time does flies and my hubby pig went to overseas yesterday. I am so gonna miss him truck lots!

Went shopping @ Pavilion with the girls on last Thursday :)

the girls :D

CinYee, YeeKay and I :D

they were trying to pose like the model XD

our outfit for the day :)

@ Snowflakes :D

she says she looks cute here :p

three SJ fans looking at their mv o.O

while waiting for movieee,

After movie, we were walking around and search for food ._.

To all SMKB students, does she looks like Pn. Geraldine? LOL.

Dinner @ Madam Kwan's,

the sisters :D

and, yours truly :)

And I've a good news to share with you guys. Iphone 4 in pink colour gonna launch soon during Valentine's Day next year in UK. Gosh, anyone would like to get for me, please? :p



  1. Ask your bf to get the pink iPhone 4 for you loh. XD

    What movie you gals went to watch, Harry Potter?

  2. hehehe.. pink iPhone... so girlish.. :D

  3. Mr Lonely: thanks :D

    Kelvin: so rich ah? HAHAHA! Hmm yup! :) Watched it twice dy ._.

    Merryn: for girls ma :p

  4. HAHA!SNOWFLAKES! love it ttm
    never missed it when i am at pavilion haha

  5. Ask yr hubby get one for you! :P btw, I want one too T___T

  6. When the cat is away, the mice come out to play... when the bf is away, yj and her girls come out to partay :p

  7. Adrian: Hahahah, snowflakes kia you! :p

    Hilda: Ask your hubby get one for you then! Haha :p

    John: How I wishhhh :(

    alvinontherocks: ehem, I'm not XD

  8. All looking very lovely indeed :)

  9. Aiyo...the same hobby as always
    and I see beeping UFOs

  10. OMG.. camwhore in changing room again.. should take like 5 min before :P

  11. aRuL aSh: thanks :)

    Albert: thanks :)

    Bern: yeah lah yeah lah XD

    Tikus: ehem, hamsap :p

  12. wow..... i also want the pink iphone... hehehe

  13. WAH!! Pink iphone sounds nice!!! I also want!! =D

  14. Pink iPhone sounds great!!!
    Suddenly want it....

  15. ehhh snowflakes!! haha gotcha XP wow pink iphone?gotcha go google ady..XD i wan!!TT

  16. Wow, You're looks sweet darling. ^u^
    So envy la, i seldom hv chance to go out with my girlfriends. Mayb I dont hv any girlfriend...
    Wanna cry jo. Girls day always so fun!!

    Ermm, iphone pink?? Sound cool but it gonna be very expensive. LOL!! XD

  17. this is what I call cuci mata post =P kai siu to me? =P

  18. Wan Wan, Zazabong, Lynnie: YEAH!! I want too :(

    domokun: smart nya :p yup, but I don't thk M'sia got aww :(

    bendan: thanks dear! :) Hah, I'm your girlfriend what :p

    Kian Fai: LOL, sendiri kao lah :p

  19. i met Megamind mascot tat day in Pavilion GSC! did u?

  20. read the last line especially :D:D
    i want one too!!!

  21. Simonh: omg, really? I didn't :(

    Celeste: Hahah yup! smart :p I want too! :(

  22. Wowzerz Iphone in Pink! That would be lovely (:


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