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Friday, November 12, 2010

12th November;

It might be the last day for me in Form 4. How I wish I could stop the time now. I don't want to be old! :(



  1. PMR and JUEC nxt year for me :S woopsie. im getting old too.

  2. If you're old then what am I? Senior citizen? :P

  3. ohmygosh you're just form 4? sibeh young!

  4. ahh..SPM next year. don't worry still have a long time to grow old :P

  5. YJ.. might be? means your last day or not ? who is that pretty girl on the right?

    Old ? no.. it is more like getting ripe :P

  6. eh hilda if u're senior citizen den i think i can R.I.P already lar okay!!! LOL!!!!! yj u mana old! form 5 soon! have to enjoy it! best year ever!

  7. Emily, PMR!? :O

    Hilda, senior citizens too over lah hahaha.

    Lukey, yes yes, form 4 :D

    Chuen, yeah, gotta start study :(

    Tikkoss, yesh? A PRETTY GIRL LAH xD

    Jann, no, form 4 :D

    Jessy, LOL, btw thanksss :p

    CzChooi, Thanks! :)

    Tolanic, hah, yeah I know but form 5 sounds old D:

  8. Hi, you are too young to be old. You will stay young and look great. Let your mind be your guide. Think young! And you'll be young.

  9. Secondary 4 is not old girl... secondary 5 is :p just kidding. Still a couple of years more to 18 years of age and a longer one till you reach 21.

  10. ahha , good luck for next year . you must get ready to become senior at your school ;)

  11. Most Desirable, hah thanks! :D

    ph1l1p, yup! :)

    alvinontherocks, Hahaha yeah yeah :p

    alisha, thanks, yes going to be ready xD

  12. Yuh Jiun , you are not old la, if you are old , then i confirm super old dy ! lol =p U going to be form 5 next year only okay , still young ,many years to go to get old . =p Enjoy your SPM year ! =D

  13. When u're in college, u wont even wanna go back to high school...College Rocks!!!! arrghh...miss college a lil..Im old d...working life now..

    btw, linked u up.

  14. I wish I were still Form 4.I miss the skul uniform== TT

  15. Chuckie Cotton: Hah thanks! :)

    domokun: Lol, but next year spm dy ah TT


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