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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Jipaban - My 2010 Santarina

Santa Claus is coming to town! YAY, like what I've mentioned in my lastest post, Christmas is coming real soon! Counting down 21 days for Christmas :)

Have your ever think of getting yourself or your loved one a Christmas present? But if you've no budget and don't know what to give, you can check it out here, Jipaban. EHHH, some of you must be so weird why I am speaking Hokkien or don't-know-what-alien-language-is-it suddenly wth.

Jipaban is actually an online shopping store and also known as the Southeast Asia's largest online shopping mall!

And this is how it looks like.

There are many categories, like clothings, accessories and even books & electronics. WOW!

I'm so lazy to talk about details, how it works and etc. You may discover it out by yourself here. Yeah, I'm such a lame and lazy blogger, I know. Ops, and Jipaban is totally perfect for lazy people (like me :P). It's just like newspapers that you can know what is happening outside there without stepping out from your house. Yeah, it's just so easy and convenient, isn't it? ;)

Wondering what to get for Christmas? I've browsed through all the shops and it's really hard to choose either one of them. And at last, I've decided to get this,

DJ-Bear in Chocolate Brown (M Size) from WELOVECD!

Of course I would like to get this present for my beloved eldest sister, the one who called me baby all the time! :) The reasons I'd get this for her are
  1. She's the one who sayang me the most among all ♥ *Lame reason, yeah :p
  2. I still owe her a birthday present and I've been thinking what to get for her since July lol.
  4. She is a lazy fella and you can see her bedroom is all in a mess. I'd get this bear for her as a decorations, and it does not require battery to operate which suits this lazy sister a lot! *winks*
  5. She can plug it into her limited edition mp5 with Jay Chou's signature behind there! It's just like what written there, you can listen to music in stylish and it's totally rocks! ;)
  6. Last but not least, I LOVE HER ♥ :D
Wish to get a free Christmas present too? Sign up for a Jipaban account now and write a blog post about who you would like to get a gift for, which item (not exceed 100 bucks) and why. Or check it out here for more details.

ATTENTION: To all shopaholics out there, never missed out this! ;)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time
Dancing and prancing in jingle bell square
In the frosty air.



  1. PrisCielLa: Merry Christmas in advance too! :)

    Hpility: Same to youu :D

    Cadlynn: Thank you!

  2. Great to have a caring sis like you :) Well Happy Christmas to you!

    Hmmm, if the bear was wearing those big headphones, I'd purchase 1 right away! :p

  3. Awwww, so sweet :D Good luck and all the best (:

  4. alvinontherocks: Hahaha, thanks & Merry Christmas too! :) Lol, 99 bucks I broke wey, only can hope for Christmas pressie then :/

    Hilda: Thankyou! :)

  5. haha! i maybe going to take part in this contest too! =) best of luck yea! =)

  6. hope u win? or does ur sister win it? anyways good luck ^^

  7. awww..ur elder sis call u baby sweet><

  8. Alien: Thanks, same to you then! :)

    J: Thanks a lot :)

    domokun: Hahaha, yeah. She always treat me like baby :/

  9. saw many post with that bear edi. seems like the bear is so popular.

  10. John: Yeah, it is :D

    sarah: Same to you, girl! :)


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