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Saturday, December 25, 2010

NTV7 Star Live Concert Part II

Hi dearies! It is so awesome that I've spent my Christmas eve with my family, the world cutest boyfriend and the crazy bunch of friends BUT rotting at home on Christmas itself. Alright, I shall continue my post, Star Live Concert Part II as you can see from my title. It is so gonna flooded with pictures and videos, for sure. :)

Extreme Hot Zone B passes :D

MC Jin! I don't have much pictures of him because he was walking arnd and rap, so yeah.

MC Jin ft. HanJin 陈奂仁

Then it's AK show time!

VChuan 陈威全

And guess who? :)

Thomas&Jack, 东于哲

♥this :D:D

Then, AK ft. Thomas&Jack! :O

You know what, they performed SUPERGIRL! *screams*

The one we waited for so long, Della 丁当 :)

she's hawt and pretty!

& Finally, JJ LIN!

And it ends around 11 plus :) HOORAY!

the crowd ._. omaigosh

Fireworks fireworks fireworks! ♥ And it does cheer me up a lot :D

YuenChee ♥

Another freaking tiring day, but it is worth! :D Oh, and I've painted my nails. I was thought of making polka dots but I am rushing out again, so yeah.

Silver colour, I supposed.

BOO, I shall stop here. I am so sorry for not posting videos here because it takes damn #&^@^(*$*^% blardy long time! So, I guess I might post it up the next time or in facebook. Bye for now, I can't wait for 27th peoples! :D AND,




  1. Ollo!:)

    looks like you had a great time there!! :D

  2. I finished Astro Battleground before I watched Star Live Concert. Still happy to see some of my favourite artists.

    I really like Della's performance! But well, the stage design of the concert can really be improved, IMO.

  3. Jemsem: Yeah :)

    Biopolymath: You went both?! o.O I wanna go Battleground too but I only can choose one :/ AWW. Hahaha, yeah! Della and JJ's nice :D

  4. whoa! so nice!! love the firework photos!

  5. vivi: =)

    Adrian: LALALA, why you never update one?

    laila: Thankssss!

  6. Super LOL at the last photo HAHAHA happy to go to hell wth

  7. JJ sure performed well tat night (i watched in youtube only :( )

  8. The nails looks for like clear with shimmer shimmer.

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  9. OMG OMG!! I love DingDang!! OMG!!!
    Great day la... can go watch concert! Hmmmp~


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