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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My first time went a little like this,

freaking yummeh chocolate muffins brought to you by YuhJiun :p ♥

Fyi, I won't do muffins or bake anything just for fun unless it's freaking easy, so yeah. I bake it for the very first time (with mom's help surely HAHA) for the sake of my boyf as I promised him there's a surprise once he got back from UK :) And I'm so glad that he loves it! *doink*

My day is superb because of you ♥ the precious one. Alright peeps, Imma off to prepare for concert tonight! And I think I shall change my blog layout soon. Grey colour seems to be so dead and boring. White layout, perhaps? :)



  1. LOL. So no cupcakes you settled for muffins? Can I have some? :P

    Tonight you're going to Star Live Concert as well? I'm going too. :D

    I like the grey color though.

  2. Hahaha, yeah. I shall try cupcakes next time! :P Ops, and I finished it dy HAHA. Yeah, see you there then :)

  3. hey, thats yummy! Give me one!!! =P

  4. It look really nice ya!
    Good job!

  5. Oh my! Ur muffins look delicious! Btw, I can give you the recipe of oreo cheesecake I made, it'll be super duper easy for u since u know how to bake muffins =)

  6. RandomApple: Hahahah, too bad finished dy :p

    Luporti: Thanks!

    e-lenelene: Hahahah,thanks! Aww, really? :D Give me hehe


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