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Monday, December 20, 2010

Everyone's favourite, beary Christmas!

Yes! Finally a day out with my mummy :D She's the only who will accompany me shopping during weekends and holidays. After wash up and everything, we're heading to Midvalley in the afternoon. :) We've been looking for parking about half an hours zomg.

Light lunch @ Madam Kwan's,

We both shared Nasi Lemak since we had our brunch at home already :) And seriously I think it's nice!

"a zat" mummy said it's damn nice :D

my longan :)

And of course we do a little shopping after lunch :) I'm looking for some accessories like rings, bracelet and etc but it's really hard to get a nice one like those pictures in tumblr. D:

Midvaley's Christmas decorations :D

mummy said she should wear nicer clothes LOL.

Although I'm sixteen, I still love bear kay? ♥ HAHA

the biggest bear there :D

One of my favourites ♥ 

When my sister finished her work :) So yeah, she said she's ugly and warned me not to post it up ._.

Oh, and mummy bought me a mini snow globe today :) I♥it!

Christmas Christmas Christmas! ♥ I hope this year's Christmas would be a blast :) And yeah, honeymoon next week with the boyf!



  1. Snow globes are always so pretty!

  2. the bears there are so cute heehee damn a lot of bloggers blog about christmas deco and the bear bear in mid valley lol

  3. Zazabong: YES!!

    Cheng: thanks :D

    domokun: Hahhaha, yeah I'm too outdated to blog about it :P

  4. midvalley decoration nice.. i go there few times for that photo only.. haiz..

  5. honeymoon? where to? weee so fun! and I think this is the first time I see you wearing dress :P

  6. Duh, YJ mui, you're so pretty!! LOL!! I love midvalley's decoration too. XD

  7. Nikel Khor: Hahaha, yeah :)

    Hilda: somewhere :p LOL, it's not dress larh hilda! Just a top :)

    bendan: fuah, kahmon more pretty surely :P HAHAHA.

  8. OMG nicee!The food looks damn nice too :P

  9. So cute the bears!!! I will kiss it if i'm there <3

  10. Waaa. so big the bear wtf D: i want for my xmas present :D

  11. Lynnie: =D

    yeeing: hahah thanks!

    Your Humble Servant: =)

    Lilian: waaa, so wolf you XD

    pris: Yeah, I want it too lah D:

  12. wow, huge bear bear.
    marry xmas, xmas song for everyone:

  13. eh... the bear on the florr meh? how can u can sit on it??

  14. ahsiang: :)

    Shah: LOL, thanks btw :)

    cloudy: yes! err at south court one, if not mistaken :)

  15. PRETTY PRETTY!! I still haven't take pictures at any mall yet! I am so jealous!

  16. KL's Xmas deco is seriously way way nicer than in Penang...Grr...jealous..

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  17. SO long din go Madam Kuan and eat already! :)
    Is the food still nice?LOLOLOLOL

  18. OMG... so many bears! your heaven :)

  19. Juin~i think i saw u at midvalley lahh!! =P

  20. you and your mum looks alike, cute =P

  21. xing: Thanks! Hahaha, me too larh, gotta go again soon :D

    Chuckie: Hahaha, KL ma LOL.

    Adrian: YES YES LOLOL!

    Simonh: Yeah, smarttttt :P

    Eunice: omgawd, really?!?! HAHAHA

  22. haha! spending time with your mom is always the best! always can get your mom to belanja for stuff! xD
    merry christmas to you too!

  23. Joel: hahahah yeah! smart nyerr :D & merry xmas too! :)

    Alien: =)


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