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Thursday, December 16, 2010

YuhJiun's version of pizza hut!

Hi cupcakes! Look at my title, and you may get what am I going to say. Still don't get it? Look at it twice, the third time, the fourth time... GOTCHA! Alright, I'm just fooling *it's not funneh at all* ._.

Do you guys remember that Eunice has posted a post about her homemade pizza? And here is mine, my own version of pizza *dang!*

I am so lazy to say about its procedure, so let's the pictures guide you now. :)

the ingredients :)

then, slices it.

After that, prepare two breads and put the sausages and ham on it. And not forgotten, cheese too! If you're a cheese lover, you can put more on it :) And then put it into oven and bake it around 10 mins. And.. TADAH!


I've tried it twice and the second time i put double cheese, double ham and double sausages! And it tastes so scrumptious babe *nom nom nom* :D Alright, I am lazy so I put only ham, sausages and cheese on it. You can put whatever you like too :) So, get up make your own version of pizza nao!

Show me your thumbs up if you think it's nice! :p THANKYOU.



  1. Cool! But you didn't put pineapple worh!

  2. wow... tasty.... creative... use bread...

  3. this is cool! shall try this someday :)

  4. HAHAH!! you're my girl!! taste better if got BBQ sauce or Chilli...>.<
    Lastly, applause to you ! you are a fast learner! hehe!

  5. omgggg looks so nice and it's so simple to make! I shall try then hehe

  6. Alien: thanks!

    Lynette: Hahahah, go make then :p

    Tol: I hate pineapples ._.

    cloudy: yes, fast & save money :D

    Jiashin: HAHA

    Eunice: then you're my man? :P HAHAHA, oh but I don't have BBQ sause :( Thanks yeah!

    Nikel: sure :p

    Hilda: Yeah, very easy wey! Go & try it out :D

  7. owh, i gonna try it next time :D

  8. wow. Nice. Looks very yummy. i should try it next time.

  9. looks simple but nice.. hehe.. will show u the thumb if i get to try it :)

  10. nice job! it looks delicious! haha

  11. andy: I don't really ahaha

    Winniely: :)

    Tiffany: thanks!

    Allison: too bad, no chance to let you try haha :p

    Joel: thanks :D

  12. Hi. Try using pita bread and tomato sauce before you put the toppings. Try it out okay! Cheers!

  13. Bo the Nerd: Oh, thanks! Will try it out again :D

    Chuen: :D

    MK: Yes, money come :D

  14. I rmb my friend's mom used to make like Cheese +bread and bake, quite nice also. then u can try pasta sauce with cheese. nice too.

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  15. Hahah,it's awesome & cute! XD I gotta have a try,go go go.

  16. dropping by from innit, nice pizza post! :) this has never come across my mind even though i looovee eating pizza (who doesn't lol) never knew baking pizza could be so easy, will certainly try this someday :D

  17. o very simple pizza on toast..=)

  18. like the guy in the picture, * thumbs up!* 8D

  19. Hey nice. I always wanted to do that... but somehow I like to go with pizza base bought from supermarket coz they're bigger and I can eat more! Haha

  20. Black Sheep Ellie: :)

    laila: Hahah, thankyou!

    Che-Cheh: Hahaha, but heard my mom said those pizza base ain't that good LOL.

  21. haha i tried this version at home before ler..haha not bad!Healthy also!!Thumb up!!!!XDXD

  22. get my 4 thumbs up out of 100 thumbs up(4/100) Joke~joke~ Nice effort there ya! You definitely going to have my bonus marks for the 2XCheese..!! Yum Yum:]

  23. woah~! the cheese looks yummmmmy! hehehe


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