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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Star Live Concert @ Bukit Jalil

I'm totally exhausted man, so yeah. And I must say it's AWESOME!
Stay tuned babe :)



  1. Hey, I went to this concert too!! I not really can see the singers cuz I'm too short >.<

  2. domokun: Don't envy larh soon I post up the pictures show you :p

    ShiewFoong: Really? :D Hahaha, I'm at the 2nd row only :D

  3. You look very close. Are you in the VVIP zone?

    It'll be a miracle if I can see you there, haha. 1st, I'm lousy in recognizing people especially those I've never seen before so you have to recognize me. XD
    2nd, there's soooooo many people there!

  4. HAHAHA! Hmm, nope I'm at the 2nd row of extreme hot zone :D Actually get to go Feel good zone but my sis very late only come so didn't get there LOL.


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