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Friday, December 24, 2010

NTV7 Star Live Concert,

it was totally kick-ass! (like what people usually says HAHA) Fyi, this concert was held on last Saturday at Bukit Jalil and I got free passes from my sister's boyfriend since he is some senior-like in 988 :D We do get some free screenings sometimes, too. :)

Okay, back to my topic. Yuen Chee tagged along too since I've extra passes and I know she fancy JJ Lin a lot! Alright, so let my pictures do the talkings nao because I damn lazy, srsly!

opening :)

D.I.S.C.O by Landy 温岚

伍家辉 :)

Wu JiaHui ft. Will Ng o.O

TADAH! Peter 何润东:D

I ♥ when he sang 我记得我爱过 :D *faint*

There are more photos and videos in my camera still, but I am rushing off to Keith's party nao. More to come, ciao!



  1. wah!! landy is there too??? so nice

  2. Aww, JJ was there too!! But I didn't went to the concert :(

  3. Joeanney: Yes, landy there! :D

    Joanne: Hahaha, next year larh, no worries :)

  4. woW!! look so fun... i go also...

  5. wat's wit 何润东? faint bcos he's handsome or bcos his singing was good?

    too bad i didn't make it tat day :( missed JJ and Ding Dang's performance

  6. Oh wow, JJ went too? I don't know most of them HAHA not really into local artists!

  7. Hocan: next year larh :)

    Simonh: HAHAHA, er his singing but only one song :D

    Chuen: =)

    laila: Thanks!

    Hilda: yeah, HAHAH high 5! I didn't know too LOL


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