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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Don't missed out this piggy xmas!

You must be thinking whattheheck is piggy Christmas? Yeah, it is just a simple Christmas party specially for our gang only, Zhuzaigang :) So yeah, the Christmas party started around 5.30 p.m. at Desa Park City. And it's time for games after sortition to get our Christmas presents!

P.S. I am sorry for the belated post and I had to say it's flooded with tons of pictures! :O

presentsssss :D

light dinner @ La Casa :)

After dinner, it's time for exchange presents session! And we had a special game for it :D It's complicated and I don't wish to explain it here but yeah, we enjoyed a lot through the game! Especially our group, we ran all the time around Desa Park City and everyone thought we're siao HAHA :P We are who we are! ♥

so called picnic after games ._.

Marshmallows! :D

Oh, and it's our tradition. So called prize giving ceremony HAHA

she's so unlucky to get GangWei's present :P

And here's the behci one :P

And GangWei's turn! He's freaking happy to get YuenChee's XD

like couple right? :P Wait, look at the next picture.


YuenChee beh tahan him & walked away but he still syok sendiri there HAHA!

and Xuan got mine :D

Then, it's unwrap presents session! HAHA we're so troublesome right? :P


she got KarYing's one!

tissue box?!
To be continued...

A snowman inside! :D

JingWen's turn. She's damn rude I tell you :P

Everyone wants her present so much :P

again, the dont-know-what-to-describe guy LOL

Xuan unwrapped my present and I got her a necklace :)

there are more sweet pictures in her camera HAHA

SheyLin's :) looks so messy right? HAHA

& here's the main point of her present! :O

SheyLin's turn. And she asked us to take pictures of her :P

here my turn :D

from JingWen :D 

A mug :D she draw it herself! ♥

I'm posing for another camera actually, like celebrity HAHA :P

YuenChee's turn. She takes 989347698701 times to unwrap it!

So we got an advertisement period :P I had to blurred it or else she'll kill me :/

And she's done after around 15 minutes, I guess. 

a cute mug from YianBing! :D

Yeah, another exhausted but freaking crazy fun day! Actually we took a lot of funneh pictures but I can't post it up due to privacy. :P And here's my blog so I don't mind posting up ugly pictures of mine HAHA. We enjoyed a lot but too bad the popiah, Kai Pin couldn't attend and also the baka, JinShen far away at US D: Ops, and I had to say that my boyf is being so sweet thought of giving me surprises after the party but I saw him from far, too bad :P

We've been bonding for four years and it's still counting on. :) Zhuzaigang ♥



  1. Not bad weh..yr Christmas ...very successful lo...^^ all so merry...indeed, it was a Merry Christmas!

  2. Why you didnt exchange gifts with me too? :P

  3. niceee :) i did that with my friends too. haven post yet. hehe

  4. Thanks all! :)

    Pris: yeah, last minute call one :P HAHA

    Hilda: you never say that you wanted to XD

  5. Jessy: ask your boyf give :P HAHA

    Luporti: Merry belated Christmas too!

  6. The poster why all show the legs?!!! @_@

  7. Tol: not show legs but took it accidentally larh HAHA

    Philip: Happy new year too! :)

  8. Did you wrap the presents? It's so creatively wrapped :)
    Also, wanna wish you a happy new year :)

  9. many presents...happy new year girl

  10. Suzanne: Hahaha no others wrapped it :) Thanks, happy new year too!

    Miss N: Happy new year Anne! :)

  11. Glad that u spent wonderful time with ur zhuzaigang!
    happy new year!

    do read about my christmas here too!=)


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