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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My title says it all.

Basically it is a traditional festival to all the Chinese. Yeah, as usual, mummy will make many different colours of dumpling for us. And of course, we all are mummy's good helper :D

We do four different colours only :)

Peanut as toppings tastes good too :)

Above is peanut flavour and the below one is chocolate flavour ♥

spot the mix colour? Eh, I made one HAHA

Somehow, I just miss the old times. I love the way how we fool around when we were kids. We were just being so innocent all the times without stress! Feel so great, isn't it? :)

Ops before I end my post, show off awhile my baby Chelsea mug ♥ HAHA

the boyf bought me from UK :)

Counting down 3 days to Christmas, 6 days to honeymoon and 9 days to new year! My year 2010 is gonna be so damn perfect :D Here we go!



  1. wish can have one tangyuan is enough for me right now..

  2. so nice! mine only one colour and plain one...

  3. Joel: =D

    Nikel: Why sounds so kesian? LOL

    Connie: YAY!!

    MKnight: =D

    Lilian: High 5 mannnnn! CHELSEA :D

    Chuen: I give you haha =)

  4. u all did tang yuan with filling? whoa.. i dunno how to do that.. we normally buy the tang yuan with filling.. :D

  5. u r killing me!!! it looks so tasty!!

  6. Omg, i have never tried chocolate flavour before haha! is it nice?

  7. Merryn: Yeah :) Ohh, my mom knows :D HAHA

    Shah: thanks!

    Yi Han: YES! Damn freaking nice :D

  8. wow ur tang yuan is so pretty and perfect. i tried making with peanut filling one but all ended up burst while boiling in pot.

  9. You are so blissful, your mom can make so yummy dumpling ! C: Nanged for you odi ~

  10. I always eat the peanut flavored one, never had the chance to try anything else.

  11. xing: Hahahaha, try it again! :D

    Celeste: yeah, thanks btw :)

    Darran: LOL, should try others! :D

  12. Edward: you said you don't like!

    Cadlynn: YEAH :D

  13. I had my tong yuen too.. but no mix color!! I mixed with peanut n sugar topping!! So nice.. XD

  14. hehe! i made tong yuen too! mine is red, green and white only =(

  15. NICE NICE!! tONG yuan season nowadays. Btw, I followed you jiunn!

  16. have been n-years never eat these with filling. My mum always make the normal one, without filling.

  17. I'm gonna break that mug if I see it :3 Jkjk HAHA btw it was my first time seeing tangyuan filled with choc! :p

  18. sad..................I hadn't eat a single tang yuan since......I can't even remember when..

  19. your tang yuen so yummy~~ my family's one are so plain normal tangyuen only >.<

  20. Alien: LOL, even your dumpling damn Christmas feel! HAHA

    yeeing: thanks :)

    engtaukia: why sad larh? HAHA

    ahsiang: Go buy from supermarket!

    Joe Ann: come here :D

    Hilda: Hahahaha, you MU fans right? :P

    Cassie: Can buy from supermarket anytime ma :)

    ShiewFoong: =)


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