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Monday, April 13, 2009

13 April

blablahh back 2 skul again! ):
geee met MinXuan in d early morning outside skul & v walk to tapak perhimpunan together~
really darn long time din chat wid her on d phone ler.
eee! da 1st period all teacher went 4 meeting! yeshh! :D
& v start talking & playing in class!
Rawrr! my Seni teacher changed :X
blablahh bt idk her name.
aaaaw! later BI period gonna be my turn 4 oral!
ishh! whole class done just left me ><
so darnnn scare larhh & d STUPID WeiYan stil kacau me!
hahaa don't knw why i felt tht he changed these days.
he loveee 2 sing! eeeew!
after teacher comee back she asked us 2 go 2 Seni Lab.
yeaaaaaap! finally I can sit wid my gang same tablee!
& v talk about Cartooooon thr LOL!
hahaa i lovee Lilo & Stichhh!
blablahh. :D
& 007 also!
zz tht edwin's favouriteeeee! xD
blablahh. then teacher giv us see d sampleee of d Seni Proj.
ohhhh. saw smt nia xD *shhh*
LOL idk wad 2 say lar. all keep laughing thr hahaa!
geee after tht BI period.
omg i really so darnnn nervous lah.
BUT! luckily teacher forgot sia!
taadaa :DD
she just giv us hw & do niaa blablahh.
tht time mmg gt mood 2 do hw d so JiaJia & I rushh & finish all homework.
hahaa shud thankss me lah 1st timeee she wil finish her hw in skul! :P
after finishhh ngam ngam Recessss!
LOL! v found out smt niaaa xD
En Ilamaran looooks like Madagascar 2 tht LION!
taaadaaa! HAHAHAHA~
ishhh! mmg darn funny weh! :)
blablahh. after recess nth special lu :X
Bm & Sc periooooddd~
LOL da Scienceee teaching abt pregnant ishh!
SohChen them mmg luan luan ngappp lahh! ><
blablahh. after skul stayinggg back agn wid my boy! :D
btw cheeeers lah! geee!

I <3 YOUU!

I darn HAPPY now!


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