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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7 April

tdy mmg not in mood! ):
my leg was so darn painn & our experiment failed! ><
haix i really don't knw what to do
act stil tot 2day must finish all!
bt in the end?
haix mmg no hopeeee!
& I heard tht thr's 10 prize 4 sesi pagi.
ishh! suree losee d larhh ><
geeeee. tdy my whole class r taking part in Pertandingan Wau~
hiakhiak~ be4 tht i stil tot tht v can play at padang thr
so JingWen & I skip Pameran Science go 2 foyer thr
bt act is make a Wau lar blablahh.
we go into dewan thr & d ppl ask us 2 sit down
haven start also sien alr so v just go back 2 kimia lab nia xD
LOL although our experiment failed
bt v stil had fun at kimia lab! :)
tdy Petugas Pameran Science r Ng Jia Rong & Yap Wing Teck blablahh :P
ishh! they mmg funny larhh.
MinXuan tht group is homemade perfumee
omggg! busuknyaaa~ xD
taste so weird!
she said its orkid & v tot green apple pulak! LOL
but i dhk at least better thn our group lahh.
rawr! i dunwan 2 be ketua! & IM NOT KETUA lahh.
omgg! our group mmg d worst! ><
MOST noisy
MOST dirty &
at abt 12pm they asked us 2 clean up our tableee
but all ppl sitting thr & playing d magic cubeee? LOL!
after tht v go 2 dewan & meet JiaJia themm!
ishh! ahkln mmg YAM!
his mind really duno made of wad!?
since he teach me so many YAM thgs alr so just dun mind talk abt it again lahh.
thn v go 2 ICT lab.
mmg boredd lahh
sitting thr & talk blablahh.
yeshhh! 2dayy no class so no homework againn! :D
geeee. im waiting 4 2mrw senamrobic & fashion showww!
omg. our class wakil mmg specialll! :)
taadaa! Tan Wei Jian & Kerk Yan Juin pulaa!
da "sweeeet couple" in class fuiyohh! :DD
btw my leg was hurt badly & i dunno 2mrw senamrobic how lerr ><
ishh! just nw tuition GangWei & ahkln stil wanna zat me!
dun let me knw u two fall down next time! RAWR!
eeee. tdy im nt staying back at sch ler.
sooo darn SORRY 2 my boy wehh! ><
i felt tht i make u so down 2dayy larh.
anyway take careeee! :3

ciaoz! :D

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